The see-saw of the human mind..and tendencies too…

The minds of human beings are so very fickle…. a sudden incident can make a sad mind happy, and another sudden one can make the opposite happen…. This incident happened today morning…I was travelling by my office transport, a little sad, a little lost… the bus was pretty slow because of the traffic. Suddenly, it came to a halt. “There’s a live crow on the road”, said the driver to his assistant. I was wondering whether he would carefully drive over the bird so that no harm could come to it; but no; something else happened! Another man on the road came forward, and asked the driver to wait. He went to the bird, picked it up, and got off the road. Now why would a driver stop a bus to protect a helpless bird? Why would that man, who obviously must have his work to do, come forward and take the bird safely off the road?? Aren’t these men of the same species of men who run their cars over innocent human beings, who leave alone dying accident victims on the road, while touching up their make-up that they so carefully put on to attend a party?? This does let in a thin ray of hope in my mind, that yes! Fellow human beings are still compassionate, caring, empathetic!! And it swings my mood to the brighter side! 🙂

India is a tolerant country!!!(Is that a matter of pride btw??)

I’ll start this one with a real  life incident that I happened to witness of late.

Our office transport vehicle stops outside each office, and collects passengers, and drops them home. Outside the Rajashri office bus stop, is a Rickshaw stand. For some obscure reason, the rickshaw drivers have a problem if our bus stops there. A few days back, they threatened our driver that they’d break the bus if he continued to stop there. The bus driver willing- or unweilling- ly obliged. For two days, the passengers getting in at that office complained that the bus stopped away from the proper bus stop. They even screamed at the driver for doing so. The driver told them the situation. On the third day, it was assumed, plus announced that the bus stop has changed.

For ages, and generations long, while stating the positives of India, we have been saying that India is a tolerant country; that it embraces everyone with its arms wide open….

Come to think of it,  is tolerance a virtue? or is it a limitation? If we adjust ourselves to something that should’t be so in ideal cases, is it called tolerance? Or is it called cowardice???

We chant ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ and welcome thousands of immigrants from Bangladesh to our country, and burden our already taxed system…

We allow politicians, and other big shots to rule our countries, states and lives….

We accept our loss, and do nothing about the different forms of corruption eating away into us…..

And then we give it a ‘grandiose’ name like tolerance! Till when is such a mockery of ourselves going to continue????

Three cheers to the Karnataka Government!!

After a long time, got to read something positively good (read that as – not irritating, not depressing, not infuriating!) in the papers. The Karnataka Government has planned a Bill on making it mandatory for private hospitals to attend to the victims of accidents and other emergencies, rather than sending them to Government Hospitals, or pushing for a police enquiry. This will surely come as a huge relief to all those patients who are turned down by hospitals, when they report in after an accident, or such occurence happening under medico-legal conditions.

A huge debate still prevails on whether the life of a victim is less important than the cause of the accident and the identification of the guilty. One party says that life is important, under any circumstance. The other says that you cannot destroy evidence by altering a victim’s state before recording it, ’cause if the guilty is let loose, he (Ok… for people who may find the ‘he’ sexist, lemme add  ‘he/she’ ) shall strike again. I tend to bend towards the former argument. Even if an enquiry/post-mortem is conducted, there’s no guarantee that the victim will get justice; but by giving him timely first aid, atleast his life will be assured!!

In a case of suicide, accident, attempted murder, or anything like that; don’t the questions like “How it happened?”, “Why it happened?”, and  “Who is responsible for the situation” hold far lesser importance than “How we can improve the situation”?? Imagine the trauma of a wife, whose husband fell-off the ladder and is serious; being asked which rung of the ladder he fell from and what he was doing on it!!

That is why I give Kudos to the Karnataka Government for taking such a step, and hope that the bill is passed soon!!

Random sailings….

Was sailing on the unstable ship of my mind, over a vast sea of past memories….. and docked on this particular line quoted by a speaker at a Gudi Padwa rally….

Sir Winston Churchill, while addressing the British Parliament, a little while before India got Independance, said about us, “Don’t give them freedom, ’cause they are not a nation, just a population!”

Does it touch a chord somewhere deep inside? Or to go with the current  lingo, does it shake a plank deep in the base somewhere???

Carvings on the wall…..

Do you find advertisement placards , bills and pamphlets put up on walls and meter-boxes  irritating?? Well, atleast I do!! But yeah, some catch-lines are too impressive to ignore….

On a wall enclosing Pune station: “Paani paishyasaarkhe udhalu naka”, meaning, ‘Don’t waste water like money’….

A small line, but says a lot!! Doesn’t it?? What’s missing in it? It has wit, irony, truth! All the best ingredients for a good one-liner! And it so so so truly describes today’s situation!! And yet its such a simple line!!

In old days, our elders used to say, don’t waste money like water; and now, its the other way  round!! Yes, today’s IT revolution may have brought ample money into people’s lives; the modern world has begun recovering from ‘financial’ poverty, but only to be engulfed by the dearth of natural resources, of water!

A situation worth thinking about, right??

It pains me!!!!!

It pains me to hear about the 33 people killed in Virginia varsity by a sadist gun-man…

It pains me to hear about the teenage girl, dying with cancer, who was allegedly raped at the Tata Memorial Hospital, and is now 5 months pregnant……

It pains me to hear our politicians blabbering about who seperated Pakistan several years back, when there are so many burning issues present currently and in need of proper attention…….

It pains me to see Shilpa Shetty and Richard Gere bufooning on the stage in an AIDS awareness program, and it pains me all the more to see all the media hype created about the act!!!

Ahhh…it pains me!!!

SMS Shero-shayari!!

I have a huge collection of smses on my cell-phone(limited ofcourse by the limited memory on my 3120). Many of them include shayaris, and some of them, are real good ones, although they may sound a bit too senti at first…(I hate senti shayari, unless they have that unique spark, and even if they do, I can’t imagine sending them to anybody! ) So I thought that instead of them sitting doing nothing in My Folders, I’ll list a few of them for all of you to enjoy……


 “Reit pe naam likhte nahin hai….Reit pe likhe naam tikte nahin hain….

  Reit pe naam likhte nahin hai….Reit pe likhe naam tikte nahin hain….

  Log kehte hain hum paththar-dil hain…Log kehte hain hum paththar-dil hain……

  Par paththar pe likhe naam mitte nahi hain!!!”


“Usko chaaha bhi to izhaar karna na aaya…..Usko chaaha bhi to izhaar karna na aaya

  Kat gayi umar saari, hamein pyar karna na aaya……

  Usne maangi bhi to judaai maangi….

  Aur hamein inkaar na karna aaya….”


“Har taraf khamoshi ka saaya hai……Har taraf khamoshi ka saaya hai….

  Zindagi mein pyaar kahan paya hai???

Har taraf khamoshi ka saaya hai……Zindagi mein pyaar kahan paya hai???

Hum yaadon me jhoomte hain uski…

Aur zamaana kehta hai, dekho…aaj phir peeke aaya hai!! ”


“Ishq darya hai jiska saahil nahin hota….har dil pyaar ke kaabil nahin hota…

Rota wo bhi hai jo dooba rehta hai ishq mein……

Rota wo bhi hai jise ishq haasil nahin hota!!! ”


“Ek lamhe ne zindagi sawaar di…….Ek lamhe ne zindagi ujaad di….

Ek lamhe ne zindagi sawaar di…….Ek lamhe ne zindagi ujaad di….

Kasoor unka nahin kasoor hamara tha,

Jo un do lamhon me humne zindagi guzaar di!!! ”


” Wo jaate jaate keh gaye…ki ab to hum sirf tumhari yaadon mein aayenge….

 Wo jaate jaate keh gaye…ki ab to hum sirf tumhari yaadon mein aayenge….

koi jaake keh de unse, koi jaake keh de unse….

ki wo  waada to karein…. wo waada to karein,

Hum zindagi bhar ke liye so jaayenge!! ”


Delectable, yummy, tickling, ammmazzing Bheja Fry!!!

 What would be your impression about a movie starring Rajat Kapoor, Sarika, Vinay Pathak and Ranveer Shorey? “oh, no hero!!” ??

What would be your reaction if I told you that it lasted for barely an hour and half?? “Oh there must have been nothing there to show!!”??

What if I told you that there was just 1 song in the movie, that too during its titles? What if I told you that there are no semi-dressed glamorous women in the movie, no action sequences, car chases, no human chases(aka Priyadarshan), or hot scenes?? Would you watch the movie??

I think I can feel a “No, Not at all!!!” looming largely around your minds!!! But that’s where you go wrong!!! I know that the description I gave about what’s NOT there in the movie, makes it sound kinda boring, but you bet its not!!!! NOT AT ALL!! 🙂

After a long long while, has the Indian audience got the opportunity to watch a real situational comedy, with no brute force humour!!

The movie is all about an aspiring singer-cum-dumb IT inspector Bharat Bhushan, who enters into the life of a well-to-do Music company Owner, and fries his Bheja!!

I won’t tell you the story and spoil the fun guys!! My only advice to you would be, plz plz plz, do go and watch the movie!! Its surely worth your money!!! And your sense of humour surely deserves a treat!!

Rating: Most definitely, GREEN!!

Highlights of the (express) highway!!

No, I am not going to write about how benefitial the Mumbai-Pune Express highway is… Just some glimpses of what I saw on it , and was struck by, while travelling to Mumbai last weekend…How I wish i had a camera mobile that time!!

Highlight #1:

At the beginning of the Highway, there’s a huge board:”DO NOT STOP ON THE EXPRESS WAY” . Right in front of that board, two big cars were parked, and a big congregation of its passengers had gathered and were discussing what seemed to be their khandaani  affairs! How good was that scene!

Highlight #2:

Midway between Mumbai and Pune, they were recolouring the dividing lines on the road. So i guess they had to scrub off the older lines. This was happening simultaneously for a long span. One worker was scrubbing the line, another was sweeping off the scraped color with a broom. And later in the line, I guess the brooms were less, so they did it with branches of neem trees!! What a combination of ancient and modern techniques!! 🙂

 HighLight #3

After Vashi, there are two parallel bridges to be crossed. As my bus passed over one of them, I read this line witten on the other one “Non-Smoking is the bridge to Good Health”. Classy, clear and clever, right!!


Just happened to watch the Aishwarya Rai-starrer ‘Provoked’. I said ‘just happened to’ because I didn’t intend to in the first place, but when I did, I was glad I did! Seriously… Here’s one Indian movie that has handled a sensitive subject so well, that they didn’t need to show excessive violence or gregarious acts of abuse to make the audience realise the trauma of the victim; they didn’t need to show excessive melodrama, K-style rona-dhona , etc to depict the pains and sorrows that the victim had to endure; they didn’t have to glorify the protagonist to crucify the villain, and yet the movie succeeded absolutely in conveying the correct message!!! Just like Kiranjeet Ahluwalia, the protagonist states at the end of the movie, “I may not be important, but the issue is!!”

You all must have heard the story of Kiranjeet Ahluwalia, the simple and sober Punjabi girl, married to a sophisticated guy residing in England and having a split- personality. After 10 whole years of enduring continual abuse, she finally fired up one day, literally. She set fire to her sleeping husband in the middle of the night, not really intending to kill him. When he died of his burns, she was convicted for murder, her pleas of abuse and provokation as the causes of murder not withstanding….

She was put behind bars, but after 10 years of hell, this is where she found freedom. She experienced and enjoyed all that she had never done in her married years, she learnt to speak english, to play, to do things she wants and chooses to do. There in the prison, she found friendship, warmth, and support. Later with the help of South Hall Black sisters(An NGO that works for the support of abused women), and her inmates at jail, she was paroled, and went on to lead her life with her sons, and on her own terms.

A different story rite! A very good subject to make a movie on; cause this story needs to be told.. Whether we want to believe it or not, there are thousands of women even in today’s world, who face physical, mental and sexual domestic abuse; and yet pray around the Banyan tree, that they get the same husband for the next 7 lives. (Tangentially thinking, this thing sounds like an infinite recursive loop 🙂 , but lets not deviate from the topic now, we’ll take it up later!! hehe). In a land where a woman symbolises Shakti, it rarely makes sense that she has to foresake all her Shaktis and be a servant to her husband.

This movie in no way preaches murder..Aishwarya Rai even admits in one scene when her plea is being turned down, that she had sinned and would have to pay for it. In fact in her book ‘Circle Of Light’ (the movie is based on this book), Kiranjeet Ahluwalia has clearly stated, that she doesnt say go kill ur husbands if they abuse you, but if your marriage is a bad marriage, just get out of it as soon as possible!

I think the movie surely takes this message across, and that is the success of the movie!

On the performance front, Aishwarya Rai is brilliant as the naive, inconfident and grief-striken wife and later as the transformed-yet-aware-of-her-past woman. Other cast too is well-chosen, and chip in perfectly.

The dialogues, set design and direction is brilliant…esp. Note the mirror in the prison, and the dialogue that Veronica Scott(very well played by Miranda Richardson) says while chatting with Aishwarya Rai, and playing scrabble. She announces a triple score on board, just as Aishwarya is telling her what an Indian girl is supposed to do: Get married, Have Children, and be a proper Indian woman! Brilliant! In fact there are many such good, crisp and thought- provoking dialogues in the movie.

Yeah, I agree that there are chances that I grade the movie a little higher than what it should be, because I am a feminist.. but even then, this is definitely a must-watch movie for everyone seeking art and heart from a movie. And the cause is well-meant, too! Go for it!

Rating: Green, most definitely!

Let me go…..

Came across this very very soulful and touching poem while browsing the web.. thought wud put it up for my readers, too! I am sure you’ll like it a lot!!! 

When I come to the end of the road

and the sun has set for me,

I want no rites in a gloom-filled room.

Why cry for a soul set free!

Miss me a little, but not too long,

and not with your head bowed low.

Remember the love that we

once shared,

Miss me but let me go.

For this journey we all must take,

and each must go alone.

It’s all part of the Master Plan,

A step on the road to home.

When you are lonely and sick of heart,

Go to the friends we know

And bury your sorrows in doing

good deeds.

Miss me, but let me go.

Namaste London!!

Pune is a very hot city!!

I live on the top floor of my building, which gets heated up the most, and is unbearable at nights!!

Due to my working hours, I hardly get to spend time with my roomies!!

Our office A.C. doesn’t work most of the times!!! So it feels good to be in a properly air-conditioned environment…

And last and the least, too; I’d heard that “Namaste London” is a good movie!!

I tried very hard, but I could find only so many causes to  reason why I went to watch the 10: 30 p.m. show of “Namaste London”! Yeah, I wasnt very enthusiastic abt watching the movie…..I thought it was just not my type!! The East-meets-West-and-love-blooms-and-East-wins kind of a formula is too over cooked by Bollywood, thats what was my take on it.

But hey, when I actually watched that movie, I realized that it was not about that!

Namaste London is a very contemporary movie about confused NRI children, and their quest to discover the priorities of their life. And it is also about the even more confused parents of these children, who can be at best described as hypocrits, as they bring up their children in the best of western environment so that they can blend well with the country they stay in, and yet expect them to get married in a proper traditional Indian way, and to a proper traditional Indian groom. It is about how the children rebel against their parents. And it is also about how they ultimately do what is “Right”

Does that sound like ‘deja vu’? Well the story does, but the presentation does not! Unlike other movies made on this topic, this movie provides entertainment sans preaching, sans much melodrama(yeah rishi kapoor as the worried NRI dad does go overboard a couple of times!) , and  sans “India is the best-West is the worst” bhashan baazi.

All-in-all, it is a humourous, crisp, beautiful(courtesy: the lovely Katrina) movie…not in the league of the best…. but definitely a good time pass!

Rating: Yellow- going on to-Green