The (customary) birthday post

Yes, yes, I know, I have missed my birthday posts the last 3 years, so there is clearly no ‘custom’ followed, and I am a day late to publish this post; but with hope against hope hopen, I hope to re-establish it.

I barely remember my birthdays in the last 4 years because it was so crazy and busy even when I was being lazy!  It all started just a day before my 34th birthday, when I had my first job interview – after 5 whole years of being berozgaar, or unemployed. Thankfully, I aced it, got the job, and joined work on the 3rd of November. That week was so busy and eventful, that I forgot to write a blog post. In fact ever since that job interview happened, life has been crazy busy! Working full-time and tending to a very feisty toddler was a double-shift job! So much so that I missed writing the next birthday post as well! I had grand plans to document my 35th revolution around the Sun – also the last year before I hit my middle-age mark. But life (and my own laziness) had other plans. You’d think that third time’s a charm, but no, my 36th birthday was left un-blogged, too! My 36th year,however, was a year of parties and events and more parties in addition to work and home (more than half of them because of having a child, btw – I did not know children amped up your social life THAT much!) , and amidst all that, and a hyper 5 year-old child, everything else whizzed by!

Which brings me to my 37th birthday. Hi! This is a very different birthday, almost like the year preceding it. The last 8-9 months have been turbulent to say the least. Not so much because we couldn’t go out much – we did A LOT of hiking and biking and driving (much more than we do in  normal year, so yay!) , and I have never really enjoyed crowds anyway; but because it was an adjustment to be in the same small place 24 hours a day, especially on weekdays. Also, the overthinking and over-worrying and being over-careful about the smallest of conscious or subconscious actions was exhausting.!  What was even more exasperating was the stupidity of people all around who tried to stretch either or both extremes of paranoia and carelessness!

Anyway, I digress, as usual. So, my birthday this year came amidst all this hoopla. Still, I have always been excited for my birthdays and so I was this year too! 🙂 I took 2 days off to celebrate (laze around for) the occasion and had plans to cycle for the last time this season, but it rained continuously. So I relaxed, read, ate lots of yummy food made by my husband❤️, and went on a nice long drive to enjoy the rainy weather and the beautiful fall colors💖! I don’t know if I’ve had a more perfect birthday in a really long time!

As for resolutions, I carry forward the same resolution for the last 15 years – to lead a healthier lifestyle and lose lots of weight, and to read and write more. Other than that, I’ve resolved to drive more (the snow being my biggest deterrent), scream less (haven’t I resolved to do this already in the past? sigh…), and live the best possible 3 years until I start the 5th decade of my life! Yes 5th decade! My goodness! Here’s to wishing  me, and as always, all of you the best to come! See you soon, hopefully!  💖

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