My priceless gift!!!!!

This is a world of give-n-take!!! Gifts, as I have lately begun to realize are not meant to express happiness, gratitude, encouragement, or even love. In today’s times, its just business. I, as u must’ve realised, am strongly opposed to this. Anyways, yeah, so receiving gifts these days is no longer an excitement. But it was not so yesterday. We had an Independance day event with the kids of the school where I go to teach.(You must’ve got an idea about what I am talking if you have followed/read my earlier blogs, so won’t dwelve further into it!)I was very tired after the event, and was standing there, lost in my own thoughts.

We had distributed chocolate bars amongst the kids during prize distribution. Suddenly, one of the kids, Ketan, came to me and told me, “Tai he ghya chocolate tumhala majhyakadun, tumhi itkya chhan ahat mhanun!!” Which means, “Here’s a chocolate from me to you, coz u r soo nice!”

I was floored, seriously!!! I didn’t even know what to say!! I didn’t even know what to do!!! Having an under-privileged kid sacrifice his chocolate because he appreciates you and your efforts really gives you a high, doesn’t it?? I went ahead, and took the chocolate, and gave Ketan a bigg hug!! He smiled, spoke a few things wid me, and went away, and I stood there, overcome with so many emotions, one of my most prized <or should I say, priceless> gifts, and the reinstated belief, that the good you do always comes around!! 🙂