The Sense of Smell, Part 1 – My Favorites

The smell of mud as it starts raining…ahhh…It enhances the wonderful pleasure that is called the rains.  I wish they could bottle it so that we could enjoy it year-long! This post about my favorite smells in the world couldn’t have begun with anything else. 🙂

The smells of new books and new raincoats…woww…they cannot be described in words and yet, are so irresistible. I used to love them as a child, and I love them as an adult!

Coffee, well not the typical Indian mix-it-in-milk type, but actual freshly brewed coffee! The bitter-sweet aroma gives you a feel of the rich brown color and the comforting warmth, even without tasting the coffee. (Which, by the way, works to my advantage, as I don’t particularly like the taste of coffee, I just love its smell!) Just holding a cup of aromatic hot coffee on a cold winter morning/afternoon is so soul-soothing, or should I say, olfactory nerve-soothing… 😛

The smell of sizzling Goan rava-fried prawns… that is one of the very few things that have almost made me give up my vegetarianism!

Creams, lotions and scrubs used during a facial… what wonderful fragrances they have as they are applied on your face one after another! Lavender, orange, Multani Mitti…Who cares about the chemicals , or even the actual facial (its ‘glow’ starts fading in a couple of days… ) but that hour with the wonderful smells refreshes me altogether.

The salty smell of the sea, the sweet smell of jasmines, the slightly pungent smell of acetone or spirit… they are smells, yet they are tastes, and I love them!

This article is the first in a series of Senses: The Gateway to Our Minds