Movie Review – BhoothNath!

Once upon a time there was an old man(Amitabh Bachhan) whose NRI son(Priyanshu Chatterjee) refused to stay with him even after his mom(Neena Kulkarni) died. The man, in attempt to stop his son from leaving, ran down the steps of his palacial villa, tripped, and fell to death. And since his son wanted to sell the villa, the ghost of this man haunted the villa and disallowed anybody from inhabiting the place.

Then entered a family(SRK and Juhi…oohhh so adorable!!!!) with a naughty and sweet son(Aman Siddiqui), who outwitted the ghost, and slowly but surely made friends with him. All of them were having a ball together, until it became evident to the bad bad world, that this sweet boy of ours had some supernatural friend. What happened then???

Please watch, not to find out, but just for the pleasure of watching the movie! Hehehe…as cliched as the story may sound; its sweetness and simplicity make it pure fun to watch!!

The movie really makes you laugh and makes you remember your childhood a lot! Yeah it does drag a bit in the end, but due to the supperb performances, pacy direction and the nostalgia of bhootonki kahaniyan…all-in-all, it becomes a good entertainer! Watch it! 🙂

A sadly funny situation?

A friend narrated to me an incident he happened to witness. He was approaching a red-light on his bike, and the signal had just turned yellow. When it did, a small boy, with crutches in his hands(mind it, he carried the crutches, and not the other way round…), ran as fast as he could towards the signal, and as he neared it, he slouched and leaned on the crutches, and limped away into the stopped traffic, begging and gathering sympathy!!

What would you call this situation? Funny or sad?

How would you feel for this boy? Sympathetic or disgusted?


The answer, my friends, is very difficult!

When I heard this story, I misunderstood it first. I thought the boy was actually limping hard on his crutches to reach upto the signal by the time it turned red. And I was almost filled with pity…

Then my friend retold the story, and I found it somewhat amusing, but I mulled over it for quite some time. Later when I told it to my sister, both of us actually laughed!!

 It is funny, but at the same time it’s sad because it’s so un-natural for children to let go of their innocence and play such tricks for begging. Or is it just an improvization of the tricks normal kids play, without understanding the seriousness of it? yeah, isn’t what this boy did, something like a kid falling and not getting so hurt; but when his mom sees it, crying away to get the attention and care??

Is life totally circumstantial? Is the way we look at things purely subjective?


Shahrukh!! Plz don’t do it!!!

IPL, Om Shanti Om, Zee Cine Awards, Kya aap paanchvi pass se tez hain, TV ads, movie ads, awards, ShahRukh Khan is all over it!!! All dailies and tabloids keep flashing his photographs all over their pages!!

I mean, agreed that he is the most charming ambassador any brand can ever get; I too am a bigggg fan of this guy, but……………….


Over-exposure can do you in, Mr. Khan!! Just like it did Amitabh Bachchan in!

Yes, SRK is the most sought-after name for any event/show; but that’s the beauty of it! If you keep making yourself available, you’ll be taken for granted, and the ‘sought-after’ factor shall diminish!!

Think about it Mr. Khan!

Drawing a blank!!!


I used to wonder how it feels when someone has been waiting for something since days, and desperately;

and does not get it…

Now I know. It feels like nothing… The effect is too enormous to feel! At least this soon!


Drew a blank!


I read this piece from here, which was in turn published here. Loved it, hated it, both at the same time. Do go through…

The police carried out a raid and closed a factory. The children, who were working there, were all set free. Some said: “We are orphans. To eat we need a livelihood.” The reply was swift and crude: “It is against the law”.
“Then we will have to beg”, they said, “or else we will have no food.” “That, too, is against the law,” the policeman in charge said rudely.
“If we cannot work and cannot beg, then we will die from hunger,’’ replied the crying children. “That you can do,” was the answer. “There is nothing illegal in dying