Perspectives, perspectives……… (3)

Many people think that belonging to a middle class family is a disadvantage; because you can’t climb the ladders of success as fast you would have, if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth………

I beg to differ….times change, riches can go away in a flash; so belonging to a middle class family is an advantage; atleast you will still feel at home when they do!! Provided you remain rooted; however high you leap!!!

 Different people, different perspectives!!!! 🙂

Perspectives, perspectives……… (2)


Just remembered a conversation I had some time back with a friend. He had forwarded me a pic of  10000 galaxies, captured in 1 image using some high-fundoo telescope. And I replied saying it was an ammazzing pic. Not stopping at just that, I went on to add that when we see pictures like this, we start feeling how small we are as compared to this huge huge universe!! Dwelling further on it, I added, that at the same time, we should also feel really big, since we can see all these galaxies, so what if only in a photograph. After all, we invented the camera!!!


Perspectives, perspectives………

I used to always crib that my new rented flat did not have an electric geyser fitted, and that I had to make do with a solar heater connection….until Sunday!! I had to set out from home early in the morning, and there was no power supply!!

At that time, I was so glad that things were the way they were!!!

Ahhhhhh……its all about our perspectives!!!!