Perspectives, perspectives……… (3)

Many people think that belonging to a middle class family is a disadvantage; because you can’t climb the ladders of success as fast you would have, if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth………

I beg to differ….times change, riches can go away in a flash; so belonging to a middle class family is an advantage; atleast you will still feel at home when they do!! Provided you remain rooted; however high you leap!!!

 Different people, different perspectives!!!! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Perspectives, perspectives……… (3)

  1. U know what Amruta. The best thing about having friends who blog are they set you thinking with their articles poems thoughts etc.

    U have set it up here beautifully. Anyone who replies or comments differently is already answered in a simple way;`Different people, different perspective’ To top it u still have an option to engage in a chat. Clever.

    My view is simple. I am happy to have a family and I see no other advantage in any material things that get attached with it.

    Waise to chat ke bina bhi raste par rahate hain aur woh unke bich ka bandhan hi to hain jo unhe khush rakhata hain.

    So rich, poor, middle class, weird, good, bad are characteristics of people and not a family together. Again broadly speaking, else exception is any way a rule.


  2. Being from the elite classes definitely gives a lot of people an advantage in terms of networking…..
    but there is very little to beat old fashioned middle class ‘hunger’ for success and values that keep us all grounded…..:)


  3. Even i thought about the same thing sitting in the hostel and seeing to some of the rich hostelites, but realised that i m in much better position and yes , middle class families rock !!

    harini calamur is true to her/his words.


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