Perspectives, perspectives……… (2)


Just remembered a conversation I had some time back with a friend. He had forwarded me a pic of  10000 galaxies, captured in 1 image using some high-fundoo telescope. And I replied saying it was an ammazzing pic. Not stopping at just that, I went on to add that when we see pictures like this, we start feeling how small we are as compared to this huge huge universe!! Dwelling further on it, I added, that at the same time, we should also feel really big, since we can see all these galaxies, so what if only in a photograph. After all, we invented the camera!!!


2 thoughts on “Perspectives, perspectives……… (2)

  1. There there now. I don’t want to be negative, but, all these images are enhanced using image editing softwares.

    Let me check if I still have a link to that article which described that all these images captured are b&w and later they are edited to bring out their intensity.

    Considering that…. This has nothing to do with the perspective you presented.


  2. Rightly said, Aditya!! The picture, even if 100% genuine has got nothing to do with the perspective I presented. It’s just a one-off instance….
    My perspective holds true(acc. to me, ofcourse, heehee) even in case of looking at the sky filled with stars…..
    It does, doesn’t it? 🙂


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