Comedy of errors!

No! This post doesn’t talk about the famous play of Shakespeare!! It just talks about a few comic, humourous errors that happened in my life. As embarassing as they may be, now, and even at their time of occurence; they could not stop me from laughing. So, come along, let’s laugh together! 😀

Where’s the Chief Guest??

I was anchoring my college’s annual Technical fest, when this thing happened. For the inauguration ceremony, we had two special invitees on our list: the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour. At the last minute, the Guest of Honour informed that he couldn’t make it. So we went on with the ceremony.

I was more or less stressed out as I was running around here and there for making arrangements, collecting people, and ofcourse concentrating on delivering a near-perfect performance…esp. with regards to my voice, intonation, and ofcourse, the content of my talk. After all the introductions were done, and the inaugural lamp lit, and dignitaries on the dais spoke, it was time for the Chief Guest to speak. I requested him to kindly take the stage, and as he started off with his speech, I sat back, and started concentarting on my next task…..

I was so deeply engrossed in this, that when I looked up casually at the dias, I saw that one person from there was missing. IT WAS the CHIEF GUEST!! oh my God!! Did we start the function without the chief guest??? I looked at one of the volunteers standing next to me and whispered, “Where’s the Chief Guest??” “what?”, He exclaimed…”Where’s the who??”, and looked at the speaker. There he was, in the middle of his speech, and there I was, red with embarassment. But on a positive note, this volunteer friend of mine could not imagine that I could be sooo dumb/absent minded , and so he thought that I was talking abt the Guest of Honor…(who wasn’t there, remember?) . So he very nicely asked me, “He informed that he won’t come, don’t u know?”

I too put a brave front,”Ohh..yeah..I’d forgotten!” , and smiled and looked at the chief guest.

And had a goood laugh after the ceremony about it!! 🙂

The journey of a million miles, starts with thousand steps!

Confused with the title?? Think it should be “The journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step.”?

Well that holds true if you intend to travel only a thousand miles, if your journey is going to continue beyond that,(well in life, it does, right!! Much beyond that!), in fact to a million miles,then, only when you take thousand steps do u gain sufficient momentum to finish this loooong journey!!

Just like this blog…I started it quite some time back…but it doesn’t seem to have gained much popularity…..but today finally… my blog stats showed 1000 hits!! (Too bad i didn’t take a snapshot when it was 1000!! 🙂 )

A biiiig Thanks to everyone who visited this blog, and made me believe that I could go about well on this journey of million miles……Will try to write more and better, from now on!! 🙂

Is money equivalent to Happiness?


So true is the above sentence, isn’t it!! just happened to see the above picture stored somewhere on my PC, and it started a chain of memories in my mind. Just jotting down a few of them here.

When i was in my 3rd year of Computer Engineering, We had a debate in my Principles Of Economics and Management class, titled “Money motivates!” We were supposed to refute the argument, so my main argument then was…

“Why does one want money, to buy luxury, to feel the prestige, and such things, all basincally leading to what? Getting Happy!!! So the main motive in one’s life is not getting rich or earning money, just for the sake of it…If he could get happy by some other means, he would very well do it, and not care a damn about money!!”

“Point taken”, agreed many……

Well this also reminds me of another story that i’d read long ago in Marathi. Will attempt to translate it here. Its called, “Happy Man’s Shirt”

Once upon a time, there was a man who wanted to know the secret of happiness. He was ready to go to any lengths to do it. So he prayed, and meditated, and fasted, for a long long time. Finally, a holy sage appeared before him. “What do you want son?”, he asked. “I want to know the secret of happiness..”, the man replied. “Fine, I’ll tell it to you”, the sage replied,” but before that u will have to bring me a shirt worn by a man who is truly happy..” “Ok sir, that i shall do immediately….how long will that take!!” , exclaimed the man.

And lo, he started off…He went to his friends whom he thought were happy, and asked them if they were.. They replied in negative. He went to the rich and famous, but no luck there too….As a sharp contrast, he tried the poorer ones, but to no avail. He went to places, travelled to many countries and cities and towns, but he did not find anyone who admitted that he was totally happy!

Tired and frustrated, he was walking through a forest. A river flowed nearby. On the banks of the river sat a man, humming the most cheerful tune he’d ever heard. He played with the waves in water, he called out to the birds that flew past…Overall, he seemed very content, very HAPPY. Skeptical, yet somewhat homeful, the man went to him, an asked him whether he was happy. “Ofcourse, I am very very happy. I have no complaints about life.” The man was overjoyed, and just as he was about to ask the happy man for his shirt, he realized, that the man wasn’t wearing a shirt at all!!! He asked the man about it, and he replied,”Shirt!! well I never wear one at all!!” 🙂

Nice story na!! And worth giving a thought, too!

Well these are just a few thoughts that occured to me when i saw that pic…More about this, later!! 🙂

The pursuit of Happyness……

How will you define happiness? How will you measure happiness?  Does happiness come from being always able to feed your family enough food? Does it come from paying your taxes on time? Does it come from seeing ur child being well-educated? Does it come from being able to solve th Rubik’s cube puzzle in less than 30 minutes?

Well, to Will Smith, aka, Chris Gardner, it came from suffering through all possible hardships, and achieving a goal so distant, so remote!!! And based on nothing….(He just sees people outside the stock exchange, and feels they are the ones who really look happy..)

Well going by a different route this time, lets discuss(rather than me blabbering away…hehe!) what brings happiness to us…… Waiting for ur comments…. 🙂

Row row row ur boat,FIERCELY down the stream……And have the best time of your life! :-)

Have any of you tried White Water Rafting?? If you havent, then plz plz plz do it, and soon!! Coz seriously folks, it is an absolutely fantastic experience, to those who have a quest for adventure, AND to those who dont, too!!

Let me start from the start. Last Saturday I, alongwith 12 friends, set out to try some white water rafting…. After a picturesque journey(We passed from Mulshi Dam, Tamhini Ghaat, and the view of the lake and the valley was supperb!!) we reached the place Vile, where we met the instructors, who ushered us quickly to the place where we were supposed to begin rafting.(Quickly, because we were only 2 n 1/2 hours late! LOL!).heres-where-we-went-river-rafting.jpg

So quickly we went down to the Kundalika river, got into our life jackets, put on our helmets(the girls got blue ones, and the!!) Then we had a quick round of introduction with our instructors, and “if-need-be” saviour life guards, and with quite a few tips in our ears, but only excitement in our heads, we got into the rafts. We were looking like the modern versions of Adivasis(natives), with our funny jackets, helmets, and the oars(the instructors preferred to call them pedals) in our hands. Once in the raft(and the raft in water, ofcourse), we learnt the basic pedaling techniques, and gave each other a high-five with our oars. “Jai Kundalika!!”, we roared, and there!! We were all set to enjoy the totally unexplored territory of white-water rafting!!! 🙂

After pedaling for a while,we came across our first rapid. As instructed, we were supposed to lock our legs firmly into the tubes of the raft, and hold up our oars from water. Most of us did that pretty well, I repeat, MOST of us…. Zapp came the wave…n thud!! Before we even realised it, let alone doing something to stop it, one of our co-rafters got knocked off hte raft and straight into the water! She was confused, we were confused….She held on to the raft, we clutched onto our oars….and there was a general state of pandemonium….Except in the minds of the life guards. One of the life guards rose, gave a tug at the “lucky-girl-in-water”(yeah we all were jealous..we too wanted to experience the fall..heheh) and she was back in the raft again. bubbling with excitement, we continued our journey. We traversed through the many bends, crevices and rapids of the river, with screams, oars, and lots of fun! At places where the rapids were too huge and deep, we were told to get into the rafts, crrouch and hold the rope on the outer surface of the raft tight. Then the raft would enter the rapid, and we would be in it, we water gushing over us!! It was an absolutely amazing experience!!

later when the speed of the water reduced a bit, the life guards allowed us to jump into the water. And weren’t we glad!! We floated, swam, played, held upstream swimming competitions, what not!! after a loooong time in water, the instructors finally coerced us back into the rafts. Then we pedaled our way through singing, cracking jokes, chit-chatting. We also passed from below a smal bridge, where we had to struggle to keep our heads from hitting it, even after crouching hardest!

Then came another twist. We wanted to experience the over-turning of the raft(To give you a small background, the guides were telling us that during monsoons, the current in the river is so strong that rafts just dont shake and bobble, they actually overturn!! Whoa!!!). So we were all made to stand on one edge of the raft, and they pulled some string, and splash!! At the next moment we were all in water, with the raft on our heads, and water down our nose!! Coughing, spluttering, and yet yelling with ecstacy, we popped to the surface of water!! My my!! didn’t we have a time of our life!!!

All happy and content, we began the last lap of our white-water journey, and only to realise, that this was the toughest part of it! The water was very still now, so we actually had to pedal our oars hard to make it move, and the banks were like 500 meters away!! Huffing and puffing, we finally got the raft to the banks….and not only that, we carried it up the mountain!! Phew!! You people should have seen us then!! We were the perfect blend of exhaustion and coontentment! To the core!! Seriously!! 🙂