The pursuit of Happyness……

How will you define happiness? How will you measure happiness?  Does happiness come from being always able to feed your family enough food? Does it come from paying your taxes on time? Does it come from seeing ur child being well-educated? Does it come from being able to solve th Rubik’s cube puzzle in less than 30 minutes?

Well, to Will Smith, aka, Chris Gardner, it came from suffering through all possible hardships, and achieving a goal so distant, so remote!!! And based on nothing….(He just sees people outside the stock exchange, and feels they are the ones who really look happy..)

Well going by a different route this time, lets discuss(rather than me blabbering away…hehe!) what brings happiness to us…… Waiting for ur comments…. 🙂

One thought on “The pursuit of Happyness……

  1. Success for me is to achieve God’s purpose for my life. Most people can not reach this level of success because they have no clue about how to discover God’s plan for their life.



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