Highlights of the (express) highway!!

No, I am not going to write about how benefitial the Mumbai-Pune Express highway is… Just some glimpses of what I saw on it , and was struck by, while travelling to Mumbai last weekend…How I wish i had a camera mobile that time!!

Highlight #1:

At the beginning of the Highway, there’s a huge board:”DO NOT STOP ON THE EXPRESS WAY” . Right in front of that board, two big cars were parked, and a big congregation of its passengers had gathered and were discussing what seemed to be their khandaani  affairs! How good was that scene!

Highlight #2:

Midway between Mumbai and Pune, they were recolouring the dividing lines on the road. So i guess they had to scrub off the older lines. This was happening simultaneously for a long span. One worker was scrubbing the line, another was sweeping off the scraped color with a broom. And later in the line, I guess the brooms were less, so they did it with branches of neem trees!! What a combination of ancient and modern techniques!! 🙂

 HighLight #3

After Vashi, there are two parallel bridges to be crossed. As my bus passed over one of them, I read this line witten on the other one “Non-Smoking is the bridge to Good Health”. Classy, clear and clever, right!!

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