The see-saw of the human mind..and tendencies too…

The minds of human beings are so very fickle…. a sudden incident can make a sad mind happy, and another sudden one can make the opposite happen…. This incident happened today morning…I was travelling by my office transport, a little sad, a little lost… the bus was pretty slow because of the traffic. Suddenly, it came to a halt. “There’s a live crow on the road”, said the driver to his assistant. I was wondering whether he would carefully drive over the bird so that no harm could come to it; but no; something else happened! Another man on the road came forward, and asked the driver to wait. He went to the bird, picked it up, and got off the road. Now why would a driver stop a bus to protect a helpless bird? Why would that man, who obviously must have his work to do, come forward and take the bird safely off the road?? Aren’t these men of the same species of men who run their cars over innocent human beings, who leave alone dying accident victims on the road, while touching up their make-up that they so carefully put on to attend a party?? This does let in a thin ray of hope in my mind, that yes! Fellow human beings are still compassionate, caring, empathetic!! And it swings my mood to the brighter side! 🙂

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