India is a tolerant country!!!(Is that a matter of pride btw??)

I’ll start this one with a real  life incident that I happened to witness of late.

Our office transport vehicle stops outside each office, and collects passengers, and drops them home. Outside the Rajashri office bus stop, is a Rickshaw stand. For some obscure reason, the rickshaw drivers have a problem if our bus stops there. A few days back, they threatened our driver that they’d break the bus if he continued to stop there. The bus driver willing- or unweilling- ly obliged. For two days, the passengers getting in at that office complained that the bus stopped away from the proper bus stop. They even screamed at the driver for doing so. The driver told them the situation. On the third day, it was assumed, plus announced that the bus stop has changed.

For ages, and generations long, while stating the positives of India, we have been saying that India is a tolerant country; that it embraces everyone with its arms wide open….

Come to think of it,  is tolerance a virtue? or is it a limitation? If we adjust ourselves to something that should’t be so in ideal cases, is it called tolerance? Or is it called cowardice???

We chant ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ and welcome thousands of immigrants from Bangladesh to our country, and burden our already taxed system…

We allow politicians, and other big shots to rule our countries, states and lives….

We accept our loss, and do nothing about the different forms of corruption eating away into us…..

And then we give it a ‘grandiose’ name like tolerance! Till when is such a mockery of ourselves going to continue????

7 thoughts on “India is a tolerant country!!!(Is that a matter of pride btw??)

  1. Yeah, Its not a matter to be proud of. Infact, there are many such “Indian virtues” of which we are proud of . For example, we are so proud of our “family system” that we cant see the benefits of “individualism”. Among may reason of growth of America, one was the emphasis they put on “individualism”. We fail to see and absorb that because we are so proud of our “Family values”.

    Its high time we Indians get out of this illusions of being the best culture of the world.


  2. Yes Ashutosh, I agree with you that we need to get out of this illusion of being the best culture of the world.
    However, I will not say that we are one of the worst either…what we need to do is to choose the best of both the worlds!! 🙂

    Anyways, thanks for your comments Ashutosh, and welcome to the blog. Keep writing!


  3. I agree with harini. The issue is the chalta hain attitude.

    Personally it boils my blood.

    I see me too as a part of that crowd who has got sucked into the Indian system personally and professionally where you will tolerate all injustice and move ahead saying Chalta hain yaar, kiske paas time hain.

    All the office people should stand by the bus guy against the auto people.

    5-6 mawali milke 50 logon ko dhamka sakate hain kyon ki is desh mein woh chalta hain.


  4. Example of Bus stop changing is a good example of India’s socio political state well. Where common people have not much value unless they are being backed by media / political party. But I did not understand the bashing of Indian family value in this context ?? I admit domestic violence is a problem of India. But his can be solved by proper education. Western country ppl have lots of individualism. tell me what about japan ? what about china and Korea ? we Asians have a different attitude towards life, and we will succeed in this path only. Well if family is not giving you what a family should give in terms of moral support / caring / nurturing etc etc (depends upon you what you expect !!!) then you are free to do. But we should give them chance.


  5. Hi Anirban, Thanks for ur comment, and welcome to the blog!

    Well, yeah, neither did I understand the bashing of Indian family values in this context! In fact, I didn’t even mention anything of the sort in my post. It calls for a separate article, doesn’t it? Thanks for the idea! 🙂

    Keep reading and writing in! 🙂


  6. hie….even i feel that due to so much of corruption in every walks of life…how is it possiblle 2 call india as a tolerant country……every1 being selfish only thnks of getting their work done some howleaving us wid d confusn… how tolerant india is???


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