Random sailings….

Was sailing on the unstable ship of my mind, over a vast sea of past memories….. and docked on this particular line quoted by a speaker at a Gudi Padwa rally….

Sir Winston Churchill, while addressing the British Parliament, a little while before India got Independance, said about us, “Don’t give them freedom, ’cause they are not a nation, just a population!”

Does it touch a chord somewhere deep inside? Or to go with the current  lingo, does it shake a plank deep in the base somewhere???

One thought on “Random sailings….

  1. As far as i go, i still feel that we are not a nation in the word sense. We are more of a bunch of monkeys ona tree waiting for people to throw packets of bananas and if that happens we fall together and call us as a nation. We are definitely a “population” with diverse platforms to base their opionins on. Never ever we had a common base to start with. What the fighters did for us has all gone in vain. We are becoming addicted to “freedom” in the sense that we have interpreted it according to what fits in at that time.


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