Namaste London!!

Pune is a very hot city!!

I live on the top floor of my building, which gets heated up the most, and is unbearable at nights!!

Due to my working hours, I hardly get to spend time with my roomies!!

Our office A.C. doesn’t work most of the times!!! So it feels good to be in a properly air-conditioned environment…

And last and the least, too; I’d heard that “Namaste London” is a good movie!!

I tried very hard, but I could find only so many causes to  reason why I went to watch the 10: 30 p.m. show of “Namaste London”! Yeah, I wasnt very enthusiastic abt watching the movie…..I thought it was just not my type!! The East-meets-West-and-love-blooms-and-East-wins kind of a formula is too over cooked by Bollywood, thats what was my take on it.

But hey, when I actually watched that movie, I realized that it was not about that!

Namaste London is a very contemporary movie about confused NRI children, and their quest to discover the priorities of their life. And it is also about the even more confused parents of these children, who can be at best described as hypocrits, as they bring up their children in the best of western environment so that they can blend well with the country they stay in, and yet expect them to get married in a proper traditional Indian way, and to a proper traditional Indian groom. It is about how the children rebel against their parents. And it is also about how they ultimately do what is “Right”

Does that sound like ‘deja vu’? Well the story does, but the presentation does not! Unlike other movies made on this topic, this movie provides entertainment sans preaching, sans much melodrama(yeah rishi kapoor as the worried NRI dad does go overboard a couple of times!) , and  sans “India is the best-West is the worst” bhashan baazi.

All-in-all, it is a humourous, crisp, beautiful(courtesy: the lovely Katrina) movie…not in the league of the best…. but definitely a good time pass!

Rating: Yellow- going on to-Green

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