Carvings on the wall…..

Do you find advertisement placards , bills and pamphlets put up on walls and meter-boxes  irritating?? Well, atleast I do!! But yeah, some catch-lines are too impressive to ignore….

On a wall enclosing Pune station: “Paani paishyasaarkhe udhalu naka”, meaning, ‘Don’t waste water like money’….

A small line, but says a lot!! Doesn’t it?? What’s missing in it? It has wit, irony, truth! All the best ingredients for a good one-liner! And it so so so truly describes today’s situation!! And yet its such a simple line!!

In old days, our elders used to say, don’t waste money like water; and now, its the other way  round!! Yes, today’s IT revolution may have brought ample money into people’s lives; the modern world has begun recovering from ‘financial’ poverty, but only to be engulfed by the dearth of natural resources, of water!

A situation worth thinking about, right??

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