Perspectives, perspectives……… (4)

 Hasn’t anybody heard the saying, that “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it!” ??Even if they haven’t, can’t they think about it themselves??

Is it necessary that a person who’s happy-go-lucky doesn’t feel bad?? Can’t it be that he does feel bad, and would also appreciate some kind words or deeds; but doesn’t want to publicize this and spoil his mood and that of the others around him???

Why can’t most people understand these simple things????

6 thoughts on “Perspectives, perspectives……… (4)

  1. No its not necessary that a person who is happy-go-lucky all the time doesn’t have to feel bad. But here there something like ‘where i draw a line’. Every person should keep it in mind that we need to draw a line as to what is ‘i dont like’ and what ‘i like’. If you always seem to take things sportingly… people assume you will continue doing this.. and I feel they are not at a fault. Its the responsibility if every individual to draw a line and make it clear.. 🙂

    Also at any point of time everybody is not in the same mood. (this may be a weak point..but i thot i shud add this too)

    BTW: Was this for me? I hope I haven’t offended you dear. 😦


  2. i think we should behave in such a way that no one could be negatively disturbed by our behavior. After that it depends on us how to take world around us easily so that we can utilize every moment.
    The whole motive is never to loose those opportune moments which will really make our life happy due to our attention on bad.


  3. Everyone needs and expects kind and soft words.

    Sometimes, people take us for granted and there is the catch. They dont feel to express their emotions when it is really required.

    I know its difficult but sometimes its better not to expect the things! And if it really hurts, let the other person know about it..

    And the most important .. whatever happens forgive and live life kingsize 🙂 Always!
    This is the way i see the life.


  4. Maybe it is true. Happy Go Lucky people might not be noticing certain things that would be noticed by someone else. They are telling so because of the concern and goodwill on the Happy Go Lucky people and may be not to hurt them!


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