What a way to ring in the new year!!!

A group of men molesting two females in Mumbai!!

Another group assaulting some couples at Pune!!

And both of these incidents happening on the new year’s eve; when the whole world awaits the new year, with joy and hope!!

What the hell is going on here?????

11 thoughts on “What a way to ring in the new year!!!

  1. Ye to hote hi rahta hai . But what about pollution ?? Cities are getting polluted. I guess , this is gonna be the hotest topic of the year. I personally feel that something should be done or thought at an individual level to stop pollution. This is a very very grave problem.


  2. I really appreciate your concern about pollution, Abhishek!! But pollution just affects our bodies man… what about the assaults on the bodies and more importantly on the MINDS of people?? The feeling of insecurity that will make a permanent mark, on not just those who are assaulted, but all the others, who’ve read about this assault– that my friend, is more dangerous!


  3. I am shocked to read the comment from Abhishek but what I really admire is your composure Amruta to his comment.

    When I read such things my blood boils and I want to cut down all these impotent guys who will stoop to such levels of disgraceful behaviour.

    Araajak ha ekach shabd dokyat yeto ani tya mulech mala vatate ki ashya lokanna saral dehdand kivan kamit kami haath todun taknyachi shiksha jhali pahije. New Year my foot! This is now an yearly event.

    Let us join hands and fight our own countrymen for the atrocities they perform on the women, the disabled, the children and others who cannot defend themselves alone.


  4. And how do we fight against all this?
    It is easy to sit at your desk and write volumes on what is going wrong and what is right but when it comes to action not a single soul will come forward. From the time I have known what an essay is I have been writing essays on Corruption, Pollution and all sorts of problems of the world… from my 3rd standard till today… Everybody will say ‘we must stop corruption’ but nobody will do anything about it… when it comes to your work being done, you’ll think well fine what is wrong in giving something and getting things done… Again pollution.. how much do you really do ‘out of your way’ to stop pollution?

    The reason I am giving these examples here is there are some things that are happening and will continue to happen. Sitting and WRITING comments wont stop it.. when we say we have to do something about it.. we must think WHAT CAN I DO? ..and not only think but we SHOULD DO something. Note my words… today you all have written about ‘we should stop this assualt’.. 20 years down the line people will still say ‘we should stop this assault’. Nobody will dare to DO anything. Writing doesnt help…What you feel is not important. What you DO is more important… I guess comments here should be on different lines to stop this assault…

    Frankly speaking such assaults are nothing new in mumbai… they happen everyday… its only that people do not complain is why it never comes in light…

    1. When you see such an incident (as a matter of fact any small incident) you have to complain about it or atleast go all the way and support the victim to complain about it… (everyone feels why should I interfere..its not my problem)
    2. When you feel there is a problem think what you are doing to stop it… don’t point fingers at others…
    3. Thoughts are not more important.. what you have implemented from that is more important.

    We should be ashamed (applies to myself too) of even writing about such things saying we should stop all this… Ask yourself first..”What wud I do if I was at that location?” Would I go running in search of police station and complain? Would I run away from there home as soon as possible? Or would I interfere? What is it?

    All this applies to all the bad things that we see happening in our daily lives… ask yourself? DON’T I PARTICIPATE IN IT? AM I NOT A PART OF IT?

    I would like to say something today.. (not my original but i need to say this at this time…)

    No crime/problem is big or small.. crime is a crime.. we all participate in it…everyday…. stop that first. Improve ourselves first… Then talk about the crime others are doing.

    Note: Those were my views… no offence meant to anybody here.. Also i would like to condemn what happened on 31st night -new year eve


  5. Thanks Nitin!
    Well yes, I have always believed that you can only call ur nation free, when women can live in it peacefully, without any fear! And i am ashamed that my country calls itself independent for not less than 60 years now!!


  6. Hi Anwar!
    Thanks for taking out the time and writing an elaborate comment on the post!
    Well, you are absolutely right in saying that getting up and doing something is more important than writing. But may be by writing about it, and reading about it, some of us will get the inspiration to do something about it as well! Rather than shutting up about the episode and waiting for ur turn to do something in case of another of such kind happens when u are around; you can try and spread awareness about it! So that even if a similar incident doesn’t happen in ur presence, a conscientious reader can DO something about something that might happen in his presence!! What say?


  7. By the way, when we say we need to do something about such incidences, it doesn’t really mean that we should take our guns and go and shoot the guilty! If in these times of tension and furore, we can walk the streets with our heads high, at day or at night, then we are letting these anti-social elements know, that their terror has not been spread to the hearts of women, and women still are the way they are, IRRESPECTIVE of them!
    That also shows that u condemn and u want to change what has been happening! Makes sense?


  8. Yes I get that. What you say is perfectly right.

    Moral what i wanted to teach:
    We need to fight the evil in ourselves first before pointing mistakes in others.


  9. Fighting the evil within us is not an easy process… its gonna take a long time…. Plus, not everyone has the same evils…and we need to eradicate all of them…
    so what I would say is, We need to fight the evil in ourselves first ALONGWITH pointing mistakes in others. 🙂


  10. ugliness amruta.. ugliness….
    it is an ugly demonstration of naked power against people who cannot fight back…
    it doesn’t matter if it is two women who got stripped outside a 5 star.., some one who died in a riot or Dalits who get killed when they break caste rules by going to wells or temples….
    we need to, as a society, stop tolerating bad behavior… illegal behavior….
    i was very impressed with the family who handed over their son to the police in the aftermath of this incident… .more families that and we will have no issues


  11. Absolutely, Gargi!
    Hats-off to this family!
    And the demo of power makes sense!! It’s the Jungle Raaj- survival of the fittest(a very ironic term, i must say..)!! Someone else does something wrong to u and u can’t help it; so do wrong to someone, who in turn can’t help it!! I think this is the attitude, which is so predominant in our society, that provokes ppl to do such heinous acts!


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