Comedy of errors!

No! This post doesn’t talk about the famous play of Shakespeare!! It just talks about a few comic, humourous errors that happened in my life. As embarassing as they may be, now, and even at their time of occurence; they could not stop me from laughing. So, come along, let’s laugh together! 😀

Where’s the Chief Guest??

I was anchoring my college’s annual Technical fest, when this thing happened. For the inauguration ceremony, we had two special invitees on our list: the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour. At the last minute, the Guest of Honour informed that he couldn’t make it. So we went on with the ceremony.

I was more or less stressed out as I was running around here and there for making arrangements, collecting people, and ofcourse concentrating on delivering a near-perfect performance…esp. with regards to my voice, intonation, and ofcourse, the content of my talk. After all the introductions were done, and the inaugural lamp lit, and dignitaries on the dais spoke, it was time for the Chief Guest to speak. I requested him to kindly take the stage, and as he started off with his speech, I sat back, and started concentarting on my next task…..

I was so deeply engrossed in this, that when I looked up casually at the dias, I saw that one person from there was missing. IT WAS the CHIEF GUEST!! oh my God!! Did we start the function without the chief guest??? I looked at one of the volunteers standing next to me and whispered, “Where’s the Chief Guest??” “what?”, He exclaimed…”Where’s the who??”, and looked at the speaker. There he was, in the middle of his speech, and there I was, red with embarassment. But on a positive note, this volunteer friend of mine could not imagine that I could be sooo dumb/absent minded , and so he thought that I was talking abt the Guest of Honor…(who wasn’t there, remember?) . So he very nicely asked me, “He informed that he won’t come, don’t u know?”

I too put a brave front,”Ohh..yeah..I’d forgotten!” , and smiled and looked at the chief guest.

And had a goood laugh after the ceremony about it!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Comedy of errors!

  1. Haha… yea.. thats was really funny! Formal functions are kinda little tensed up times. I dont knw y.. but I hv never been comfortable doing them. And they always catch me for compering 😦


  2. Arre its fun compering for functions, but when you are prepared for them. For On-the-Fly changes, we are generally not prepared, so we face all this hulla-boo! But u know something, I have always observed that when I am not much preparedd for doing such things, I perform even better, except ofcouurse, if we leave out incidents like the one I just mentioned… 😉

    Anyways, thanx for ur comments, and welcome to the blog! 🙂


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