Shahrukh!! Plz don’t do it!!!

IPL, Om Shanti Om, Zee Cine Awards, Kya aap paanchvi pass se tez hain, TV ads, movie ads, awards, ShahRukh Khan is all over it!!! All dailies and tabloids keep flashing his photographs all over their pages!!

I mean, agreed that he is the most charming ambassador any brand can ever get; I too am a bigggg fan of this guy, but……………….


Over-exposure can do you in, Mr. Khan!! Just like it did Amitabh Bachchan in!

Yes, SRK is the most sought-after name for any event/show; but that’s the beauty of it! If you keep making yourself available, you’ll be taken for granted, and the ‘sought-after’ factor shall diminish!!

Think about it Mr. Khan!

8 thoughts on “Shahrukh!! Plz don’t do it!!!

  1. thanks a lot amruta. I understand your concerns for me and appreciate it. I will keep this in mind henceforth. I wonder why this thing didnt hit me before. Thanks dear


  2. No Amruta SRK is not wrong in being all the shows.Ur Conclusion that he will be taken for granted and sought after thing is totally incorrect.His star appeal and all that blah blah wil only diminish when he stops improvising himself and re-inventing himself!!AB appeal has diminished not becaz he has been over exposed,its becaz he has done nothing new off late.Probably his last good movie was BLACK.In the same way now if SRK does not beat himself after Chak Dee..Then he fails.SRK is right,he is his only competitor!!


  3. Hey Contigent,

    Thanks for visiting my blog!! Welcome! 🙂

    Well, the point is, even if you are a celebrity and the world ADORES you, do not be overly seen by your fans, or else, they’ll get bored of seeing you! 😀

    Anyways, do lemme know your comments about the other posts on my blog!


  4. Aww ..cmon .. dont take AB’s name and SRK’s in the same breath. While AB (or Amir Khan) has always had a dignified presence in spite of over-exposure .. our king Khan is exponentially growing his “arrogance” kitty. In fact he has always been nothing more than an over-rated, highly arrogant individual who happened to stike it rich. Only, it is more visible now, since – as you mentioned – he’s all over the place!


  5. Aha…here I see that we disagree complely(and for the first time i guess!! 😛 )

    No No….what you took was not my intention of writing this post…I still belive that SRK is one of the most hard-working and self-made star we’ve got!!!! I only want him to be a little elusive, so as to not lose his “star” status.

    Plus, Never mind the fact that I am a hard-core fan of the King Khan, but Mr Big B is as well in no way dignified. He might be a senior superstar and all that, but I belive he’s doing nothing right now that does justice to his seniority and calliber.
    As for Aamir Khan, am in awe of his “Taare Zameen Par”….yet his Samsung mobile ads suck! There’s nothing dignified about the two as well!


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