Dream #2

And once I was walking on the road, and casually turned to look back. A monkey, one of the small kinds, with a dangerous red face was following me!! I panicked!!! Seriously!! As I kept walking I realized that the monkey was still persistently following me… I didn’t even realize when I began running… The monkey, ran harder!! Oh my God!!! “Oh!! My!! God!!! What should I do?? Why is a stupid but still dangerous monkey attacking me??”  Common sense and patience both betrayed me at that time. I kept running… The monkey wouldn’t budge… I entered a narrow lane, the monkey followed. I entered a proper “Patli Gali”, could still see the monkey right behind me! I turned, traversed, dodged, but no luck!! Terrified, I ran harder, but started getting out of breath soon!! As I started losing speed, the gap between the monkey and me narrowed… And there…he was…right next to me!! I closed my eyes… but opened them, when  I heard the monkey talk. THE MONKEY TALKED!!!! 

And he said,”Gotcha… Raced you!!!!!!I’m first!!Yipppeee!!” And he ran way!!

And I stood there open-mouthed, gaping at my predator (who turned out to be my competitor!!)…

That’s the dream I had! Any clues why I get dreams like that??? Please let me know!! 🙂 😀 😦

2 thoughts on “Dream #2

  1. Fears………… of dangers n frightening risks………The origins may trace back to childhood.

    Then, the desire….. to be safe and rescued……. the human instinct and the confidence…….to find a way out……..the acquired ablilities and.

    Could be the basis of such dreams……..

    I am venturing……….. to comment.


  2. Why humans have such “wierd” dreams. Is it because wierd is what the world is or wierd is what we are. Wierd is what we interpret our daily actions to be or wierd is what people interpret our actions to be. Wierd is how we think today. We all are wierd. so why shudn’t are dreams be when everything is wierd…[:)]
    On a serious note, well this time it could have many interpretations. It may be that you have been slow paced recently and have been botheres least who is catching up on you and beating you. It might be that you fear something would make you fall back and so are running away from it but cant let it go as your fear is more active than you. Runnin away from fears may be a temporary solution but not the premanent one. They do catch up on you someday. May be you have been too busy to participate in the daily marathon of life that you forgot that you are competing for survival. May be…..


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