Lyrics that have touched my heart……………

When you are listening to a song, what is more important to you? The music or the lyrics? Well I have always been partial towards music.. I ‘ve always been more attentive to words only when recited without music, you know, poetry and stuff…

But our very own Hindi songs too(without which our bollywood movies would be  incomplete, ofcourse) do have very meaningful lyrics at times. Just an attempt to list a few which caught my fancy…………..

1) Khul ke muskurale tu : Phir Milenge

This song is played in the background when the protagonist understands that she has contracted AIDS through her unfaithful partner, and decides to bravely lead her life, her disease and her past not withstanding.

Khul Ke Muskurale Tu Dard Ko Sharmaney De
Boondon Ko Dhartee Par Saaz Ek Bajaney De

Hawayen Keh Rahee Hain, Aaja Jhoolein Zara
Gagan Ke Gaal Ko Jakey Choolein Zara
Utaar Gham Ke Mozey, Zamein Ko Gungunaney De
Kankaron Ko Talwon Main Gudgudee Machaney De
Khul Ke Muskuraley…Saaz Ek Bajaney De

Jheel Ek Aadat Hai, Tujhmey Hee To Rehtee Hai
Aur Nadee Shararat Hai, Terey Sang Behtee Hai
Har Lehar Yeh Kehtee Hai, Khud Ko Jhoom Janey De
Zindagi Ko Aaj Naya Geet Koi Ganey De
Khul Ke Muskuraley…Saaz Ek Bajaney De

Bansuree Ki Khidkyon Pe Sur Yeh Kyon Thithaktey Hain
Ankh Key Samander Kyon Bewajeh Chalaktey Hain
Titlyan Yeh Kehtee Hain Ab Basant Aaney De
Jungalon Ke Mausam Ko Bastiyon Mein Chaney De.

Khul Ke Muskuraley…Saaz Ek Bajaney De

2) Main ek sadi se baithi hun : Lekin

Haven’t watched this movie, but had an audio cassete of this movie as a kid….found the song melodious so listened to it, now that I understand the lyrics and stuff, find it amazing and having so much insight.

Main ek sadi se baithi hoon – 2
Is raah se koi guzra nahin
Kuch chaand ke rath to guzre the – 2
Par chaand se koi utra nahin
Main ek sadi se baithi hoon – 2
Din raat ke dono pahiye bhi
Kuch dhool udaakar beet gaye, beet gaye
Din raat ke dono pahiye bhi
Kuch dhool udaakar beet gaye
Main man aangan mein baithi rahi – 2
Chaukhat se koi guzra nahin
Main ek sadi se baithi hoon – 2
Aakaash bada buddha baba
Sab ko kuch baant te jaata hai, jaata hai
Aakaash bada buddha baba
Sab ko kuch baant te jaata hai
Aankhon ko nichoda maine bahut – 2
Par koi aansu utra nahin
Main ek sadi se baithi hoon – 2

3) Samay O Dheere Chalo –  Rudaali

This is the title song of the movie Rudali, based on the life of a tribe in Rajastan that earns its living by mourning at people’s deaths. They are especially invited by families when any member is about to die, as it is believed that deaths should be mourned as loudly as possible, for various reasons…

samay o dhiire chalo
bujh gai raah se chhaanv
duur hai duur hai pi ka gaanv
dhiire chalo dhiire chalo

ji ko bahala liya
tuune aas niraash ka khel kiya – 2
chaar dinon mein koi jiya na jiya – 2
zahar ye saans ka piya na piya – 2
ye hava sab le gai
kaaravaan ke nishaan bhi uda le gai
udati havaaon vaale milenge kahaan – 2
koi bata do mere piya ka nishaan – 2
samay o dhiire chalo
bujh gai raah se chhaanv
duur hai, duur hai pi ka gaanv
dhiire chalo dhiire chalo

                                                                       <To Be Continued>

Cheeni Kum!!

What happens when a 64 years old chef falls in love with a 34 year old practical thinking female, who has a hypocrit 58 year-old as a father?

What happens when the father of this girl, goes on a Satyagraha of sorts to prevent his daughter from getting married to a man older than him?

What happens when this older man, who has this “aham”, i.e. ego, who has this ponytail before he decides to meet his father-in-law, who has this cancer patient pre-teen acting like a fully grown up “adult”, and who has this age-old mom who watches “Sex and the City” and the muscular bodies of men on TV, delivers a lecture on what are not the reasons that his father-in-law would have to disallow his daughter’s marriage to him?

What happens when the 34 years old girl, when asked out for a comedy show, yells that she isn’t “available”, and then smiles coyly and asks what time??

What happens when the lead characters of the movie openly admit, that “Marriage is the price that a man has to pay for sex, and sex is the price that a woman has to pay for marriage”??

Well, when all this happens, we get Cheeni Kum!! and teekha kum, namak kam, taste kum…yes; khatta thoda zyada!!

On the individual performances front, Tabu, Amitabh Bachchan and Paresh Rawal are brilliant actors and it shows, but there’s nothing new about it. The young cancer patient friend of Amitabh, so irritatingly called ‘Sexy’, shows a lot of promise, but her character and dialogues rob away all her charm with their senseless and often obscene meanings. Tabu has looked fresh and charming, and so has Amitabh, but they together with the soulful and melodious compositions of A R Rahman, cannot do anything to make the movie watchable.

Rating: RED!! Please do not waste your precious time, money and energy, and above all, your patience on this movie!!

My favorite scenes and dialogues from movies

********************************************************************************  Though I hated the movie ‘Fanaa’, and thought its shero-shayari was very amateurish, I loved this one piece by Ghalib used by Rishi Kapoor in the movie. When Kajol asks her father not to drink in front of her mother’s photograph, he replies, “Sharaab peete baith masjid me ghalib, Sharaab peete baith masjid me Ghalib, Ya aisi jagah dikha jahan khuda na ho!!!” ******************************************************************************** Though I didn’t even watch the movie ‘Babul’ because I didn’t like its concept, I happened to hear a dialogue in the climax of the movie, while surfing TV channels. When confronted by his relatives on why he was breaking age-old traditions(huh!!) and allowing his daughter-in-law to re-marry, Amitabh Bachchan asks an earnest question, some what to the effect of… ” paramparaonko jatan karneka kya fayda, jab saalon se chalti aa rahi paramparayen to jeete rahe, par jinke liye wo banayi gayi hain wo insaan marte rahe!!!” ******************************************************************************** Now talking about comedy, one dialogue I distinctly remember is from the movie ‘The Mummy’. When the hero, Brendon Fraiser, is beating a villain to pulp and is about to throw him overboard, the villain begins pleading to him for mercy. When nothing works, he yells, “Just think about my children!!!”. To which Fraiser replies, “You don’t have any children”….”Some day I might!!!”, exclaims the villain. 😀 hehe…gr8 spontaneity!! ******************************************************************************** If you are looking for a movie with each dialogue, and each scene  brimming with meaning, you should watch “Thoda sa Roomani Ho jaye”. I most admire the poetic dialogue between Nana Patekar and Riju Bajaj, when the latter tearfully puts forward his concerns to the former: “Do ghaaton ke beech ek patli dhaara, kare to kya kare?? kare to kya kare??” sighs Riju. Exclaims Nana, “Do ghaaton ke beech ek patli dhaara, behti gayi, behti gayi, samandar se mil gayi, “ghaat ghaat reh gaye, dhaara samandar ban gayi!!!” ******************************************************************************** I won’t increase the length of this post by describing the scene, but the one in Lage raho Munnabhai, where an old pensioner finally gets his long-due pension really deserves applause! ********************************************************************************

Then of course, who can forget the spine-chilling scene from Rang De Basanti, where Amir Khan n co, pick up R Madhavan and give im a ride on their shoulders to mock his funeral march, with honor. Little did they know that they would soon have to watch this scene in reality, and would change their lives forever.


There are several tidbits in movies that really touch my heart and I want to write about them. But when I actually begin typing, I kind of draw a blank!! So that’s it for now….may be I’ll append more stuff when I eventually remember it..

Delectable, yummy, tickling, ammmazzing Bheja Fry!!!

 What would be your impression about a movie starring Rajat Kapoor, Sarika, Vinay Pathak and Ranveer Shorey? “oh, no hero!!” ??

What would be your reaction if I told you that it lasted for barely an hour and half?? “Oh there must have been nothing there to show!!”??

What if I told you that there was just 1 song in the movie, that too during its titles? What if I told you that there are no semi-dressed glamorous women in the movie, no action sequences, car chases, no human chases(aka Priyadarshan), or hot scenes?? Would you watch the movie??

I think I can feel a “No, Not at all!!!” looming largely around your minds!!! But that’s where you go wrong!!! I know that the description I gave about what’s NOT there in the movie, makes it sound kinda boring, but you bet its not!!!! NOT AT ALL!! 🙂

After a long long while, has the Indian audience got the opportunity to watch a real situational comedy, with no brute force humour!!

The movie is all about an aspiring singer-cum-dumb IT inspector Bharat Bhushan, who enters into the life of a well-to-do Music company Owner, and fries his Bheja!!

I won’t tell you the story and spoil the fun guys!! My only advice to you would be, plz plz plz, do go and watch the movie!! Its surely worth your money!!! And your sense of humour surely deserves a treat!!

Rating: Most definitely, GREEN!!


Just happened to watch the Aishwarya Rai-starrer ‘Provoked’. I said ‘just happened to’ because I didn’t intend to in the first place, but when I did, I was glad I did! Seriously… Here’s one Indian movie that has handled a sensitive subject so well, that they didn’t need to show excessive violence or gregarious acts of abuse to make the audience realise the trauma of the victim; they didn’t need to show excessive melodrama, K-style rona-dhona , etc to depict the pains and sorrows that the victim had to endure; they didn’t have to glorify the protagonist to crucify the villain, and yet the movie succeeded absolutely in conveying the correct message!!! Just like Kiranjeet Ahluwalia, the protagonist states at the end of the movie, “I may not be important, but the issue is!!”

You all must have heard the story of Kiranjeet Ahluwalia, the simple and sober Punjabi girl, married to a sophisticated guy residing in England and having a split- personality. After 10 whole years of enduring continual abuse, she finally fired up one day, literally. She set fire to her sleeping husband in the middle of the night, not really intending to kill him. When he died of his burns, she was convicted for murder, her pleas of abuse and provokation as the causes of murder not withstanding….

She was put behind bars, but after 10 years of hell, this is where she found freedom. She experienced and enjoyed all that she had never done in her married years, she learnt to speak english, to play, to do things she wants and chooses to do. There in the prison, she found friendship, warmth, and support. Later with the help of South Hall Black sisters(An NGO that works for the support of abused women), and her inmates at jail, she was paroled, and went on to lead her life with her sons, and on her own terms.

A different story rite! A very good subject to make a movie on; cause this story needs to be told.. Whether we want to believe it or not, there are thousands of women even in today’s world, who face physical, mental and sexual domestic abuse; and yet pray around the Banyan tree, that they get the same husband for the next 7 lives. (Tangentially thinking, this thing sounds like an infinite recursive loop 🙂 , but lets not deviate from the topic now, we’ll take it up later!! hehe). In a land where a woman symbolises Shakti, it rarely makes sense that she has to foresake all her Shaktis and be a servant to her husband.

This movie in no way preaches murder..Aishwarya Rai even admits in one scene when her plea is being turned down, that she had sinned and would have to pay for it. In fact in her book ‘Circle Of Light’ (the movie is based on this book), Kiranjeet Ahluwalia has clearly stated, that she doesnt say go kill ur husbands if they abuse you, but if your marriage is a bad marriage, just get out of it as soon as possible!

I think the movie surely takes this message across, and that is the success of the movie!

On the performance front, Aishwarya Rai is brilliant as the naive, inconfident and grief-striken wife and later as the transformed-yet-aware-of-her-past woman. Other cast too is well-chosen, and chip in perfectly.

The dialogues, set design and direction is brilliant…esp. Note the mirror in the prison, and the dialogue that Veronica Scott(very well played by Miranda Richardson) says while chatting with Aishwarya Rai, and playing scrabble. She announces a triple score on board, just as Aishwarya is telling her what an Indian girl is supposed to do: Get married, Have Children, and be a proper Indian woman! Brilliant! In fact there are many such good, crisp and thought- provoking dialogues in the movie.

Yeah, I agree that there are chances that I grade the movie a little higher than what it should be, because I am a feminist.. but even then, this is definitely a must-watch movie for everyone seeking art and heart from a movie. And the cause is well-meant, too! Go for it!

Rating: Green, most definitely!

Namaste London!!

Pune is a very hot city!!

I live on the top floor of my building, which gets heated up the most, and is unbearable at nights!!

Due to my working hours, I hardly get to spend time with my roomies!!

Our office A.C. doesn’t work most of the times!!! So it feels good to be in a properly air-conditioned environment…

And last and the least, too; I’d heard that “Namaste London” is a good movie!!

I tried very hard, but I could find only so many causes to  reason why I went to watch the 10: 30 p.m. show of “Namaste London”! Yeah, I wasnt very enthusiastic abt watching the movie…..I thought it was just not my type!! The East-meets-West-and-love-blooms-and-East-wins kind of a formula is too over cooked by Bollywood, thats what was my take on it.

But hey, when I actually watched that movie, I realized that it was not about that!

Namaste London is a very contemporary movie about confused NRI children, and their quest to discover the priorities of their life. And it is also about the even more confused parents of these children, who can be at best described as hypocrits, as they bring up their children in the best of western environment so that they can blend well with the country they stay in, and yet expect them to get married in a proper traditional Indian way, and to a proper traditional Indian groom. It is about how the children rebel against their parents. And it is also about how they ultimately do what is “Right”

Does that sound like ‘deja vu’? Well the story does, but the presentation does not! Unlike other movies made on this topic, this movie provides entertainment sans preaching, sans much melodrama(yeah rishi kapoor as the worried NRI dad does go overboard a couple of times!) , and  sans “India is the best-West is the worst” bhashan baazi.

All-in-all, it is a humourous, crisp, beautiful(courtesy: the lovely Katrina) movie…not in the league of the best…. but definitely a good time pass!

Rating: Yellow- going on to-Green

The pursuit of Happyness……

How will you define happiness? How will you measure happiness?  Does happiness come from being always able to feed your family enough food? Does it come from paying your taxes on time? Does it come from seeing ur child being well-educated? Does it come from being able to solve th Rubik’s cube puzzle in less than 30 minutes?

Well, to Will Smith, aka, Chris Gardner, it came from suffering through all possible hardships, and achieving a goal so distant, so remote!!! And based on nothing….(He just sees people outside the stock exchange, and feels they are the ones who really look happy..)

Well going by a different route this time, lets discuss(rather than me blabbering away…hehe!) what brings happiness to us…… Waiting for ur comments…. 🙂

Blood Diamond—-Bloody, worthy,…all but glittering!!

“Have you seen the color of this soil?? It comes from all the blood that’s spilt by fighting over this land!!” This is what a character in this very well made movie says to another one… And so true it is!!! Seriously, director Edward Zwick very boldly portrays the exploitation,the uproar, the struggle, the agony, the fury, the desperation, and the sufferings of the tribals in certain countries of Africa, which are rich in gold and diamonds, but not in the standard of living.

The story unfolds as Solomon Vandy, a simple hardworking tribal , who wants to see his son become a doctor, sets out one day as usual, to earn his daily bread. Suddenly, his village is attacked by rebel tribals in search of slaves to work in illegal diamond mines in Sieera Leono. Vandy is taken captive, while his family manages to escape.

While working under ruthless diamond  peddlers, Vandy happens to find a very huge diamond, the biggest ever seen. He attempts to hide the diamond, and just as he is being caught doing so, the troops attack the mine, and take everyone in custody.

In the custody, Daniel Achau (a diamond peddler) who’s in lock-up for smuggling diamonds happens to hear about this diamond, and both he and Vandy set out to retrieve it. In this search they are helped by a journalist Maddy(Jennifer Connelly) , who  I guess is the only one in the enitre cast who’s not interested in the diamond, a substantial story being more precious to her!

Conflicts continue, and needless to say, a lot of blood is lost in the conquest of this blood diamond.

The film captures all aspects of the diamond trade, and tries to spread a social message that consumers should stop the purchase of the illegal diamonds that are there in the market, esp. because of the gory history they’ve got.

On the acting front, all the actors deliver a flawless performnace, although none can be classified as great. You can’t blame them much though, because the film revolves completely around the story, and not around the performances. It is good to see Leonardo DeCaprio in a non-boyish role, however.

The photography is superb, I must say, ’cause the camera doesn’t faulter while capturing the serene beauty of the South African landscape, just as it switches angles from the ruins of Africa. Worthy of mention is a sunrise shot, where in the sun rises, but only in a thick shroud of smoke!! Speaks a lot about the direction ,doesn’t it!!

The dialogues range from crisp, apt, touching, to average(esp. the conversations between Conelly and DeCaprio are very predictable). Action scenes are superbly directed and shot, and seem absolutely real. The violence makes you numb at times, though!

On the direction front, Edward Zwick deserves an A+

 Overall, its a good movie to watch, esp. because, we need to know how many necks are cut for bringing us those shimmering cutpieces that decorate our houses; and how many lives destroyed for decking us up in precious stones!!

Rating: Green–Yes!

Traffic Signal—Yellow this time!!

One of the most awaited movies of the year was the 3rd and last part of Madhur Bhandarkar’s trilogy on life…..”After Page 3 and Corporate”(Thats what the promos said).. TRAFFIC SIGNAL!!

A very different movie! It has no very specific story, it basically just tries to give you the glimpses of the industry that makes its living on the traffic signal! Right from the Gajra sellers, to beggars, to eunuchs, to petty thieves, to prostitutes, and the Bhais who collect ‘Hafta’ from these businessmen of the signal, Traffic Signal shows you what u’ve never imagined, let alone, what u’ve never seen!

Take for instance the make up that mongrels put up for looking like “real” bhikharis, the systematic way in which “Hafta” is collected and delivered from a Bhai assigned to each street, to one taking care of the area, to city, to the even more “bade log”! Or the mentalities of the beggars(The hero Kunal Khemu says in a scene,”Don’t think the people on the streets who give u money are doing some favour!! Ask confidently, it’s ur right, coz they wash their sins by doing so”).

The movie is about such people, and how the decision to build a flyover on the road affects their, and how they decide to fight against this. Hardly any solid material for a full-length movie, but nevertheless, it shows us different aspects of the life at traffic signal.

On the acting front, Kunal Khemu as the protagonist is no doubt top-class! Neetu Chandra is OK as a simple clothes-seller. Upendra Limaye, Sandeep Kulkarni, and Konkona Sen Sharma are flawless as usual. Its nice to see Ranveer Shorey in a non-goofy role, and he portrays the helpless graduate-cum-street mongrel-cum-depressed drug addict-cum-silent lover role very well! Special mention to the kid who plays the character Tsunami, in a very short role, he conveys a lot!

The music of the movie is disappointing though! The dialogues are very relevant, witty and well-thought. Photography is good too!

All-in-all, I would call it a watchable movie, if you are someone who likes to know different human tendencies. Kudos to Madhur Bhandarkar for thinking of showing people something as different as this; but having said that, Neither Green nor Red, I would give a Yellow signal to people who want to watch the movie.

Note: Since I’ve begun my movie reviews with the movie Traffic Signal, I’ll follow the same rating system for my forthcoming reviews! Red: NO, Green: YES, and Yellow: MAY BE!

SRK is most definitely THE King Khan!!

Well, his acting talents, his ssssssssstttaaaaammmmerrrring dialogue delivery, his over-acting, his style, his charisma, his clean image, his quizzing skills,  and his personal life apart, just on the scale of sheer wits, SRK scores a triple A+!

Take for instance the latest episode of KBC!! Most of you must have watched in shock as this last contestant of that episode, sitting pretty on 12.5 lakhs, told Shahrukh to his face that she was quitting the show, but she didn’t want to hug him!!”Mujhe aapko gale lagane ka koi shauk nahi hai“, were her precise words. For those who don’t know, in this new version of KBC, contestants who do not want to risk the next question can quit by saying “Shahrukh, mujhe gale laga lo!”

For that one moment, everyone, including SRK himself, was stunned! I was half-listening, so what I initially thought was she was being brave and refusing to quit the show, so she told Shahrukh that she doesn’t want to hug him, she’d rather go on with the game!! I mean that still showed competitive spirit!! But alas, this woman was actually insulting him, beyond doubt!

Of course, after the initial shock , SRK recovered quickly, and went through the routine of telling the contestant how they made a correct decision by not forfeiting the money they’ve already earned, and congratulating them, and thanking them, and so on… After all the routines took place, when the time came to hand over the cheque, SRK said to Madame contestant, “I hope ki aap mind nahin karengi agar main ye cheque aapki bajay aapki mummyji ko dun…kyunki unko mujhe gale lagane me koi aitraaz nahi hoga!!!” :-))))

And then he walked confidently towards the contestant’s Mom, who had accompanied her to the show, and gave her a biggggg hug, along with the big cheque!! And from the expressions on her face, no one would a get a prize for guessing that she was more than happy to do so!! And do I need to tell you what the expression on the contestant’s face was??

In one moment the  great ‘Mr. Khan’ (That’s what she “professionally” kept calling him during the entire episode!!) turned the tables on Madame-I’m-superior-than-SRK, and boy!! Didn’t that get the audience up and roaring with applause!!! Needless to say, my roomie and I also joined in the celebration of SRK’s wits!!