Bollywood movie dialogues are getting crispier!!

That Bollywood movie dialogues are all about ‘inspired’ (read as copied) lines,is a popular notion amongst most of us, and not without a reason! There was a time, and a long one, wher bollywod dialogue never recovered from the shackles of typical romance and typical comedy and typical action and typical revenge dialogues!!

But no longer!! Of late, the dialogues in Bollywood movies are not inspired, nad sometimes even manage to be inspiring!! Hard-hitting, comic, true, satirical, all kinda genres of dialogue hav of late got a new polished look and feel!

Take for instance Aamir Khan’s explaination In ‘Taare Zameen Par’ about “Khayal rakhna kya hota hai”.  So subtle and yet on-the-mark! Or the one about Solomon islands…. really good!

Then, agreed that ‘Om Shanti Om’ is a pathetically over-the-top movie, and many of its lines are a bit too filmy for my tastes, but somehow, I am beginning to like the dialogue between SRK and Deepika, when he tells her that the whole world loves her, and she says that, “kabhi kabhi poori duniya ki chahat zaruri nahi hoti, pyaar kisi ek se mile to bhi kaafi hota hai!!” So true na!! But I guess, it’s safe in a way to be loved by all in general and not by some ONE person in particular. Atleast when the good times roll, we won’t be left with nothing…There still will be be someone who will love you after all! 🙂

 And ofcourse coming to comedy, the one wherein SRK says “Takliya” and himself exits!! Simply hilarious!!!

But yeah, in this category, Kareena’s lines in ‘Jab We Met’ are the icing on the cake! Right from her “Bahot!! Main apni favorite hun!!” statement, to “Bhatinda chal, milwaati hun“; from the speech-like “Apni to vaat lagi hai, isse bura kuchh nahi ho sakta, ab sirf achha ho sakta hai aur hoga!!” to the self-realization-like “Agar meri life aisi hai, to mujhe pata hoga ki meri wajah se hai!”, the dialogues of this movie are entertaining, crisp, funny and yet loaded with meaning!

There are a lot more dialogues like that, but so much for now! Gosh!! After such a long break I’ve finally WRITTEN about something! 🙂 Let me bask in that joy first! LOL!! More, soon!

6 thoughts on “Bollywood movie dialogues are getting crispier!!

  1. Welcome back!

    Add to that one from Jodha Akbar: Doobte hue Sooraj mein bhi tapish hoti hain.

    and one where Hritik says that `Hum Hindustan ko galat hathaon mein nahi jaane denge’

    Which reminds me of the one of the best of Mughal-e-azam where Prithviraj says to his wife,`Hum apne bete ke dhadkte dil ke liye Hindustan ki taqdeer nahi badal sakte’

    But yes nothing to beat very recently JWM and not far in the past Dil Chahta Hain.

    Write more….hindi films! sigh! what would we do without them.


  2. hey another one: jaani jinke ghar seeshe ke hote hain woh dusaron ke ghar pe pathhra nahin mara karte… LOL

    one more: jin toofanon mein logon ke ghar ujhad jaate hain.. untoofaanon mein hum humara rumaal sukhate hain.. ROTFL..

    Aur haan one dialogue from me..
    Jaani, jo log sun mein bask karte hain, woh sun screen lotion lagaye bina bahar nahin nikalte


  3. One of funniest I heard recently id from Chup Chup Ke from Rajpal Yadav (Man .. this guy is really funny)

    Is ghar me kitne pariwaar rahte hai?

    Yahi Koi 15 -16

    To isse ghar kyo bolte hai Zila kyo nahi ghoshit kar dete

    When I heard this …. I laughed for about 10 minutes . LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


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