U, ME AUR HUMari misdirected love story!!!

Whoever said that all other intense actors could direct a movie as well as Mr. Perfect Aamir Khan??

Whoever said that the power-packed performances of Kajol and Ajay Devgan could carry off a movie with a badly written script and pathetic dialogues??

And last but not the least, whoever said that if you give a movie a sweet ending, it makes the movie good???

Well, not good, but yes, a little more bearable! It even has a positive effect on the title song, which sounds hopelessly boring at its 1st occurence, but is much more bearable and soothing when it plays at the end!

Well, this story is about a whirlwind, at first shaking-stumbling and then steady romance between Ajay and Piya, who meet on cruise which changes their life forever! Through different phases of love, pursual and resistance, they finally get married! Then, the real love story begins…..

Piya is diagnosed of Alzheimer’s disease at a young age of 28, and while she is pregnant. The trials and tribulations begin, the dilemma about what’s more important, the wife or the child deepens; the obvious decision is taken of admitting Piya to an asylum……relationships sour, the tension gets to all, theories are metted; and finally true love triumphs and brings Piya back home!

And this whole story is told to us and Kajol, by an ageing Ajay Devgan, on a cruise, on their 25th wedding anniversary, where they are, to fulfill their wish which they made on their wedding day!

Touching, sweet, sensitive??

Naah, leaving aside the last sequence, the movie’s far from it. The only thing it can boast of is the acting of Kajol and hubby Ajay, and Kajol’s wardrobe(it’s smart, suave, amazzzing)!!

Rest of the things draw a blank. Vishal Bharadwaj disappoints you completely with his music score, the background score is literally frightening, with sudden jaaring music surfacing at many times; the dialogues are horribly repeatitive and unimaginative; the script is bad, the lyrics are below average, the supporting cast is ineffective(they have completely wasted the talents of Sachin Khedekar, Sumit Raghavan and Divya Datta; and the other 2 from Ajay’s gang of friends don’t deserve even a mention! No, actually Isha Sharvani does..Mr. Ghai….Could you plz tell us WHAT exactly you saw in her and gave her a break????? ).

The lead actors, but ofcourse, do a suppperb job, and Kajol, although not looking young at all; has looked gorgeous!!!

And ofcourse, the direction- I think Ajay Devgan needs to get a little more mature and then think whether he can direct a movie! Or may be he can go for Horror movies or thrillers; for romance is clearly missing from his supposedly romantic movie!! Except for the last sequence which is cho very chweet, but am sure we can’t endure the whole movie just for that!

Rating: Red going on to Yellow!

2 thoughts on “U, ME AUR HUMari misdirected love story!!!

  1. i must confess to you honestly amruta that i do wait impatiently for your new articles on the blog.your details in this blog are exemplary. great going.


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