Twilight Saga: Books Review

My oh my!!! For the first time in 10 years of computer literacy, I read an e-book completely!

And after a long long time, I sat up the whole night to read a book!!

Plus, both the above statements are true, not just for 1 book called Twilight, but for all the books in the series, namely, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn!!

This completely gripping love story between a supernormal human and super-ahem-monster connects with you like no story has done for a loong loong time!! Cheers to Stephanie Meyer!!

So people, if you have even a little thing for romance, go for these books! And guys, keep your girls away from these books, ‘coz it will make them fall in love with Edward Cullen!! All my female friends have, and I won’t blame them!! (Me too in the same situation!! 😛 )

Do I need to give a signal now, it’s so clear…GREEN ALL THE WAY!!!!

One thought on “Twilight Saga: Books Review

  1. Hey..long time on the field..yup i second you on this. Have you seen the movie too..? The trailer for the third is out recently. Grab it and the movie releases on 30th june this year..!!


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