Book Review: “2 states – The story of my marriage” (No Spoilers)

Just read the latest one by Chetan Bhagat!

And by his own standards, its a very nice book! Fairly gripping (I finished it in non-stop 5 hours), humorous, and easy-flowing, this book describes the life and times of a couple divided by a wide North-South chasm.

On the flipside, the book is written in a very simple manner, sometimes even reminding you of a mere diary entry. However, the heart and the soul is definitely in the right place!

I will not divulge the story here at all, but would just be content with saying that anyone and everyone, who’s been in love with a person of a different caste, will 100% relate to this book.

Go read it!

Verdict: Green

2 thoughts on “Book Review: “2 states – The story of my marriage” (No Spoilers)

  1. Wow finished in 5-hours! I couldn’t make it in less than 8-hours!

    Anyways, even I liked the book and think that it is his second best book so far. However some of my southie friends *might* disagree with me 😉


  2. I have a query…i wonder wat value addition a writer like chetan bhagat is doing. to the society..Is it by encouraging sex before marriage in institutes like IIM and by going to any extent degrading the indian culture and values?I found it very disappointing to see him write so badly about tamil brahmins to make his lump of money. Having studied in IIT Madras for 2 yrs, I have seen how orthodox tamil brahmil families are…there will be atleast one percent of people who learn bad so fastly when a famous author is writing such stuff…Our Writings or stories need not necessarily add any value to the human brains, but they shud be fair enuf not to corrupt the uncorrupted minds 🙂

    Imagine a teenager is reading such stuff..he / she will frame very strong opinions based on wat they have read and become insensitive …have a think and reply me 🙂


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