Movie Review: Billu Barber

Cast: Irrfan Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Lara Dutta

Director: Priyadarshan

Synopsis and my opinion: Please read the letter below.


Dear Mr. Irrfan Khan,

Subject: Please don’t!!


Sir, let me first clearly state, that we all love you very much…your mind-blowing performances in several movies like Haasil, Yeh hai Mumbai Meri Jaan,  Life in a Metro, to name a very few; have been loved and applauded by all of us. Today, you are one of those very few character artistes who can carry an entire film on their shoulders!!

So we want to ask you something… Why and just why did you accept a film like Billu Barber ??

Although it has a decent concept (they have tried to emulate the modern version of the Krishna and Sudama saga), its story and screenplay are so damn horrible, that even the seriousmost of the scenes make you laugh!

The biiig superstar played by none other than the neo-narcissist SRK (believe me, I am a biiig fan of his, so if i am calling his role terrible, it sure is so!); the gaanv ki gori with deep-back blouses Lara Dutta, the 3 pathetic item songs featuring Deepika, Kareena and Priyanka ; the usual Priyadarshan bandwagon of comedians made up of  Om Puri, Rajpal Yadav, Manoj Joshi, etc etc; nothing, nothing at all can match even 50% of your sheer earnest portrayal of  a poor barber who had struggled a lot in his childhood to help an even poorer friend to pursue acting, and then after many years when the friend has returned to his village as a superstar actor, hesitates to meet him due to his social status!

3  cheers to you Mr. Khan!! (strictly Irrfan, this time…)

Thumbs down to everything else in this movie!!!

Not many thanks and Regards,


P.S. : Mr. Priyadarshan, Please stop insulting your earlier “classics” like Herapheri and Virasat by making such pathetic movies!!!


Verdict: Do I even need to state it?? AVOID!!

Signal: RED all the way!

3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Billu Barber

  1. Welcome back… Now there’s one movie I am definitely not gonna watch. Do you really think so high of Hera Pheri?

    Amruta: Well Aditya, Herapheri dooesn’t feature anywhere in my list of favorite movies, but as compared to Billu Barber, it was a classic!! It was a total mad-cap comedy, with its soul in place, and with some real crisp dialogues; and it launched a totally different genre of comedy(Later he screwed it up ofcourse, with Phir Herapheri, malamal weekly, etc etc). Also his Virasat was a very well-made movie!


  2. Hey.. billu barber was quite an ok movie.. nice movie.. teri rating ki aisi ki taisi… grrrrrrrr…

    Amruta: Hehehe..I have two replies to this.. Here they go:

    On a professional note: Well Anwar, Everybody has their personal opinion. So could you please tell us why exactly you liked this movie?

    On a personal note: Anwar ke bachche… tera taste kitna ghatiya hai ye pehle se mujhe pata tha!! So your pathetic choice does not surprise me!!!



  3. Well, I thought the many posters and references to Shah Rukh in Billu is amusing and tongue-in-cheek. I dunno with what kind of spirit were they included in the movie, but I supposed the director thought it’s important to establish Sahir Khan’s presence in the storyline.

    And forgive me for saying this bluntly, but you being a big fan does not make everything you say about Shah Rukh and his characters on screen a ‘sure’ thing. You may think it’s terrible, but not all of us (who are also big fans of his) may think the same. His is a cameo role, and as such, it’s just to further the story a bit, not carry the whole movie… like you and the critics seem to think, so I just enjoyed all his screen presence that I could squeeze out of Billu.

    But hey, I’m just another big SRK fan with an opinion.


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