Movie Review: Hello!

Line 1: Trring Trring…….. Trring Trring…….. Trring Trring……..

Line 2: Hello? Who’s this??

Line 1: This is…………. GOD…………..

Line 2: And we are 6 ammmmazed typical call centre employees.: TeamLeader-wannabe Shyam (Sharman Joshi – very comfortable in the role), Senior member Military Uncle (Sharat Saxena – endearing, but purposeless), Mr. biker Vrroom aka Varun( Sohail Khan – I never thought he could act, but he just did!!), Ghar-grihasthi se pareshan Radhika (Amrita Arora – cute), anxious-to-be-a-model Eesha (Isha Koppikar – ok ok), and oh-so-confused Priyanka (Gul Panag – again confused).

Line 1: You all have your own typical call centre – cum – life in a metro dukhde… but you can solve them them using some 4 things: Talent, imagination, confidence, and some mumbo-jumbo about having to lose before you win…. solve them…

Line 2: Ok we shall solve them by defaming our boss(Dalip Tahil- over the top but still believable), spreading rumours in America about some virus, and doubling the call volume, then resigning: from our jobs, our unhappy families, our egos, our unrealistic ambitions….and live more or less hapily ever after!

——Call Ended——-Movie too———-

Now no possibility of spoilers here as we’ve all read One night @ the call center. However, even if we didn’t, this movie solely rests on the shoulders of the cast, and not the story. The bunch of 6 call centre emplyees is refreshing entertaining.

That apart, the movie is average. So is the directorial debut of Atul Agnihotri. Not bad.. Comedy is excellent at some places and extremely mediocre at others. Music is bad. So is the screenplay. And certain pieces of dialogue almost put you to sleep. Thankfully, they are short. Salman and Katrina do their jobs as usual(means they are mediocre..hehe).

Verdict:  Not a must-watch, but since I endured Kidnap last week, Hello is a great timepass! 🙂 

Signal: Yellow, may go to Green.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Hello!

  1. Amruta,

    @ your Blood Diomond Review,

    You wrote a great deal about serene landscapes of S. Africa, good acting, ‘predictable dialogues’ of two leads and all. One thing, probably the most important one, you never mentioned in your review was the movie’s motive. Why do you think Zwick made this movie? To vindicate Di Caprio’s acting prowess, to show us African beauty or the relentless violence. The motive, I think, was to throw some light, in it’s own little way, on the cruel exploitation of those innocent African people in their own land by Diamond thirsty maniacs. It achieves what it was set out to. That, above all makes it a good movie, that remains it’s soul.


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