What the hell!!!!

After a tiring and yet ful-fillling saturday (Wednesday- good movie!!, teaching at Eklavya Nyasa, a visit to the Ganpatis of Pune, and a 90 minutes walk from PMC to KP!!!!), I was just beginning to chill at the CCD(Devil’s Own..wowww). Suddenly I happened to glance at the Plasma TV screen, and whhaaattt… SERIAL BLASTS ROCK DELHI!!!! That was the breaking news being shown on a news channel. And I was like…..WHAT THE HELL is going on here????

Bangalore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and now our National Capital!!!! What do these terrorists think our cities are – Bomb testing grounds?? What do they think our people are – guinea pigs to their sadist fancies??? I mean, WHAT THE HELL,man!!!!

Now you must be thinking, why has this girl suddenly got agitated? Bomb-blasts are a common thing now-a-days! (Believe me, a friend actually said that to me!!) I think not…I get more and more angry with every passing attack!! C’mo guys, once can be mourned, twice can be tolerated…but how can you see such things happening to your fellows again and again and again????

As the news and the gory pics started flashing, I called up my Delhi friends to enquire about their safety.. Half of them didn’t even know that such a thing had occured! They and the rest who did, were fine, thankfully!

I was all the more enraged on knowing the locations of the bombs…Karol Bagh, Cannaught Place, Central Park, Gretaer Kailash!! Again WHAT THE HELL!!! Aimed at places that are so much frequented by commoners!!! How can you aim to kill hundreds of people, just like that?? I mean, no human can do that!! Worst of the worse, 1 bomb out of the 3 diffused was in a children’s park!! Children’s park?? CHILDREN’S PARK????  We’d seen this happening in trains, buses, temples, bus stops….. But which pathetic sadist would want to plant a bomb in a children’s park???? Isn’t there even an ounce of virtue/ humanity left in these terrorist orgs???

The irrational long mail sent by IM said that this was to avenge the bad treatment dished out to muslims…Pray how did they ensure that no Muslim got killed or even hurt during these blasts?? Just WHAT THE HELL  do these guys think they are doing??????????

5 thoughts on “What the hell!!!!

  1. There can be NO justification for terroism and claiming human lives.NO body has the right to kill some fellow being, for whatever reason.

    Bomb Blasts are devastating so many human lives, and its sad that in spite fo having information before hands our government is unable to do anything.Our so called Honourbale Home Minister is busy changing his clothes and is more worried about his looks than the incident.

    I do not know, how and when this terrorism can be stopped.

    😦 😦 😦 😦

    Amruta: Yes you are right, and not just the home-minister, but even these media-persons, journalists, police, and even common people like us will only be concerned about it till the incident is fresh in our minds….later it will be as good as a by-gone episode of a TV serial! 😦

    Anyways the Ganpati in Pune was rocking…wasn’t it?

    Amruta: Well, yes it was; but given a chance, I would definitely trade it with the non-occurrence of bomb blasts in Delhi on the next day! 😦


  2. And @ your this blog, do you remember that stupid TV show where some people try to make other’s laugh? The only episode I happened to see, incidentally showed one of the best jokes, and a friend of mine enacts the same perfect. It was about how Bombs would be sold on Indian streets like fresh vegetables.. Ain’t it perfectly proving itself.. THIS SUCKS…

    Amruta: Yes Darshan I agree completely. In fact I have always complained about such kinda “jokes”… how can you take in light spirits something that is so tragic?? That’s completely unthinkable! Whether bomb-blasts, or riots or crime against women; we must speak about these things responsibly!!!


  3. Bomb blast

    my fav topic

    Just one question to the forum..
    what have we as citizens of the country done to avert bomb blast other than blaming intelligence, Home minister and police?
    what is intelligence? where to get it from?
    guys girls , intelligene comes from us. whe have to be the ears and eyes of the security forces.
    other than just blaming , we have to take responsibility

    Amruta: Absolutely Hrishi, I completely agree!! And this comment was very much expected from a conscientious person like you! 🙂
    Yes we have to take responsibility! Protecting us might be the duty of the government and the police, but its not only their prerogative. We should take active responsibility, and why not, after all, our lives are also at stake!!


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