Read an article in The Times of India yesterday ( You can read it here ) . It said that Iran leads the list of countries which still allow capital punishment to children and minors. Well, horrifying, yes….. but all the more so, given the fact that Iranian children’s movies are well-known all over the world for their sensitive presentation of the world of children!!!

Irony, anyone??

2 thoughts on “Irony??

  1. Amruta,

    Such irony is, more often than not, the mother of pure art. Think of a harmonious world and there will be no art. It is this alleviated, angry and justice-seeking souls those create the best of cinema.


  2. Besides Iran was always known for Nazi-esque concentration camps. I believe they are not there in Iran anymore(I mean, I pray). So I wouldn’t be surprised at this news.
    Read Prisoner of Tehran by Marina Nemat (A Christian in Iran)


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