Should I venture into fiction??

For a long time, I have been at a loss of ideas for new blog posts… and more than ideas, it’s the expression that I am not able form.

So i thought, why not try my hand at fiction? Stories and topics that have interested me, but never happened to me…. I guess I should give it a try!!


And ofcourse, may be I shall be able to express myself in a better way, ‘coz what is fiction but a reflection of the reality?? 😉

5 thoughts on “Should I venture into fiction??

  1. Indeed….. Guess you should try fiction/real stories.

    Something new…. or I say, I will have something to comment on….. Go on Amruta (But dont forget to read Life of Pi.. and The old Man and the sea)

    Saying that, both are very touching stories in their own way and would love to hear “The Review” from you


  2. Baby..tune toh mere dil ki baat cheen li…a thought on similar lines had once come in my mind but not for a blog.. a book instead 🙂
    please start with it. m waiting…


  3. Hi Gautam,

    I’d read The Old Man and the Sea as a teenager and hadn’t liked it much…probably I lacked the depth of thoughts that tme…
    Will surely try and get my hands on both the books you suggested.


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