Losing my views………

Was reading Sudha Murty’s ‘Wise and Otherwise’ yesterday(yeah, ok…i know its complete review is long overdue….patience guys…..). In one of those stories, Ms. Murty asks her son what he thinks are the 3 most revolutionary things of the 20th century, and he gives a really beautiful answer…..

It was then when i realized, that I would have been left speechless if I were to be asked the same question. I tried to think hardddd, but couldn’t really frame a nice answer…. 😦 The same thing happened to me at the cycle rally (about which i wrote here), when I was asked to write a slogan on the banner….I scratched my head hard, but couldn’t come up with a real bright one, and had to make do with an average, so-so one. 😦 That used to not be the case with me some time back, when I had an opinion about most of the things under the sun! and a nice quip always ready  to present it in a good way, as well!  Godd…what’s happening to me!! <talking to myself> Come back…come back!!!1

9 thoughts on “Losing my views………

  1. Hahaha…. that is the result of working under a boss…. (though I have no experience of a boss… but they say that bosses are upgraded versions of teachers….. :rolleyes:)

    I always used to wonder though, how can you be so good in literature and artistic language and stuff….. I won’t have to worry about that now… 😀


  2. Dear Aditya,
    If it was just about literature and and artistic laguage it was still ok….i’m taking abt losing my VIEWS…the most essential aspect of a thinking, intelllectual individual….booohooohooo!!!


  3. Oh yeah Anwar, thanks for your encouraging words full of experience!! 😀
    Anyways, Ms. Murty’s son said something to the effect that the 3 most revolutionary things that changed the face of the world in the 20th century were, non-violence, violence and the emerging of communication media.
    Non-violence, because that by an exemplary Mahatma Gandhi contibuted to India getting independence, and changing the way it made a mark on the world map.
    Violence, because that practised by a historical Adolf Hitler, actually changed the entire political scene of the world,.
    And communication media, because that, by bringing it closer, changed the entire world.

    Cool na!!


  4. hmm… I feel the same way many a times. But its just because there are too many things on my mind that hog the resources of my little processor. You obviously hvnt lost your views amruta, these are little ways your processor takes a small halt for good. Dont worry you will soon come back! :P.

    P.S. : Just wondering how you still manage to express your views on your blog??? I guess you are on a run to catch the better.


  5. Hey Aseem,
    dude dint get what u meant by the last sentence. Looks like it’s just 1 of the many times when my processor takes a break!!

    As far as how I manage to express my views on my blog goes, haven’t been doing it much these days; but yeah, I guess its when i give a chance to my hard disk(which has softened a lot) to oil itself(or shud i say defragment and cleanup..lol) and be ready for more tortures of an IT job that keep coming its way!
    Godd…what am I saying??


  6. Heeheehee…. I don’t believe that you are losing it… (of course if you were, then you wouldn’t know about it, will ya? I mean, a person losing his/her mind cannot accept that fact….) I think you are just trying to run after many things at once…. Cheer Up….


  7. @Aditya
    Thanks bro! But actually, it mite b that many things r running after me at once!! Chasing me…mujhe peetne ko!!! hahaha!!
    ok ok enuf of pessimistic stuff! Now about that quip of urs, “(of course if you were, then you wouldn’t know about it, will ya? I mean, a person losing his/her mind cannot accept that fact….) “, I’d like to say that i wud know it, but just wudnt accept it!! :-)) Grrr…wat was that again?? 😉


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