Anything for you Ma’am!!

Book Review : Anything For you Ma’am — An IITan’s Love Story

Author: Tushar Raheja

Rating: 3/5– Definitely Readable

How many of you think that IIT students are nerds?? OK may be nerd is too harsh a term, how many of you think that they are devoted-to-studies, intelligent, sincere, and shy??

How many of you would rubbish the idea that IITians can be utter vagabonds, and not just by whiling their time away, but also by playing pranks, telling lies, and above all, falling in love, albeit sincerely???

Now here’s a true story about such an exceptional IITian, Tejas , and his more-than-exceptional tale of love, labour, and above all, luck!!

Written in a very simple and flowing language, this book attempts to relive the pages of Tejas’ journal of love. Although it sometimes reminds you of Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point SomeOne, and gets a little too slow at times(ofcourse that’s because even in the story, time gets stagnant now and then, as the lover boy misses his sweetheart!! hehe!!), its clear and concise style, and effective narration don’t let you put the book away quickly.

The story is about how the protagonist Tejas( which of course is a renamed Tushar), overcomes the antagonist( which but ofcourse, is Fate, who else!!), and meets his love, who’s a thousand miles from him. This intercity love story, interspersed with lots of twists and turns, does surprise you quite a few times. And although you sometimes get irritated at Tejas’ habit of creating loopholes in the law, his motivation to meet his lady-love really amazes you, charms you even!!

A very good book, definitely readable, and even more so, as it is Tushar’s maiden book!

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