Two Thousand!!! :-)


Hi all!!! Another milestone achieved!! My blog hits just touched the 2000 mark! I am soo happy, especially because just around 2 months back, i.e. on 29th March, I was celebrating its 1000 hits, and now—its already reached 2000!!  Highly encouraging!!! 🙂

Ofcourse, I must admit, that a major portion of these hits is accounted to one casual post on my blog- that on SMS Shero shayari…… there were many many hits on google to search for shero-shayari, and thankfully google showed my page to them! But whatever the reason, I am all charged up now, and promise to give my readers continuously better stuff. And I hope the next milestone is more accredited to meaningful stuff that people read on my blog!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Two Thousand!!! :-)

  1. Hey ammu, It’s really cool to real your writings..and congrats for your 2000+ hits :-). Hope you reach more and more people with your words.

    I would like you to write about the reviews of good books, so that it will be helpful for people like me ( lazy to find new books ) and who is desperate reading good books…


  2. Thanks a lot for your comment, Maddy!! And yeah, I’ll try my best to post more book reviews in future!! In the meanwhile, Keep reading! 🙂


  3. I read some of your posts, they are really interesting and I am sure if you were not what you are today you would be an autheor of a book/novel. Hope you hit the 10000 mark pretty soon. good wishes and keep writing.
    cheers, Mahesh
    btw I blog at I have just started and aman amatteur (i am sure I have spelt it wrong.. :-)) do comment/let me know if you find the posts to be interesting.


  4. Hey thanks a lot for all that praise ,Mahesh, but i guess I still have a long way to go to be a real writer. 🙂 And yeah please let me know which posts u liked particularly, too; i wud thus know which genre of writing to pursue more….

    Yup will surely go through ur blog, and the right spelling is amateur 🙂


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