Of Virtues, Vices and Valentine’s Day!

Is celebrating Valentine’s day a virtue or a vice?? The red brigade(Read: Valentine’s enthusiasts) thinks its a virtue, and the saffron one (Read: Shiv Sena and other such “moral” organizations) could not have imagined a worse vice!!

Some people think that love cannot be celebrated just on one day, so you do not need some special day to tell someone that you love him/her.

Some think its a waste of time, money and energy, as the younger generation doesn’t understand the actual importance of the day, and is more attracted by the glamour of the day.

 Some feel that no better occasion than valentine’s day to profess your love to your sweetheart…

What’s my take?? Well in today’s hectic life style, if we can take some time out for our loved ones, if we can celebrate, be happy, then everything else is immaterial…..After all celebrations are all about staying happy, aren’t they….it doesn’t matter then on what occasion , and in what way……. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Of Virtues, Vices and Valentine’s Day!

  1. Dear Amruta
    I totally agree with you. Valentine’s day gives most of us an impetus to try and do something for someone special. It gives us an opportunity to break out of the mundane existance that we call life these days and most importantly it makes us happy….. A great virtue that is very hard to get these days…….
    However there is one thing that i don’t think is quite right about this ‘special’ day… Not that St.Valentine is to blame for it, but i sincerely think that the media and the greetings’ corporate houses are going overboard with their publicity of this day…. I understand this is required if one wants to run a business, but ethics and social responsibility should also be kept in mind.
    Young kids barely in their teens are totally consumed by the hype created as a result of such publicity and this adds on to the woes of parents who are already wary of the mutated peer pressure that these children face today.
    The concept of love is a natural one and in no circumstances should kids be made to feel like ‘losers’ if they don’t have a partner at such young ages. Instead they should be advocated to show some love for their parents on that day.
    One way out of this is for the corporate houses, is to make sure that they have different publicity campaigns for different target audiences. However, I feel that this would be too much of a ‘pain’ for them.
    The other most obvious solution would be too cut down on the campaigns all together so that a V-day creates as much hype as (say) a mother’s day or a father’s day does today.


  2. I have so many things to say about V’ day. But, I am not prepared. I haven’t worked over them to systematise. However, this comment, of AISHI contains a few of them along with a few others that are not so sound. I feel satisfied that the line is indicated.


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