Dreams I didn’t even dream I would dream!! :-))

“Dreams are the stepping stones to success, so what should you do to be successful??”, asked a senior at college… As we all looked at him, unsure whether to attempt this one or not, he exclaimed, “Go to Sleep!!!”, and went on laughing like he thoroughly enjoyed his own piece of humour!! I grinned and asked him, “But these are dreams seen at night or during the day??” Still basking in the glory of his joke, he replied, “It could be anything!!” Jumping (actually!!) at the opportunity, I shrieked, “Why do you have to sleep while day-dreaming??” 🙂  😀 Game, Set , Match!!! LOL!

Ok Ok, getting a li’l more serious… How many of you have vivid dreams? And by dreams I don’t mean ambitions or yearnings…actual dreams that you see while you are asleep at night (or in class, or at work, or someplace else…being asleep is the only real criterion here…LOL!) Nightmares also qualify ok!! 🙂 Hmm I guess most of you do! Now, How many of you remember the dreams that you had after waking up? Go on… think hard!! However lucidly you may see your dreams, when back into the real world, and most of the times you don’t remember anything of it… even when you wake up in the middle of it!! Strange, isn’t it!!

Well a lot can be said about dreams…including two of my really funny dreams…..will describe them in the next post 😉

One thought on “Dreams I didn’t even dream I would dream!! :-))

  1. Dreams…well according to me, they are more of your subconscious state of mind that wants to do all those things that a humans wants to do in real world but cant. Through dreams a human can neglect or hide his unaccomplishment that he faced in real life..(hard fact but true…). He can also achieve what he was yearning for all his life. A human tries to dream sorry..not tries to but he subconsciously goes thru’ all those phases that he fears or wants to avoid in real life. More on the practical side, they are your day to day actions that one goes through and when he falls asleep just recalls those what all he went thru during the day. But as we say that is a fantasy world, so are the characters in the dreams. Dreams are more than a way to symbolise your daily life. They are there just to keep you awake….


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