SRK is most definitely THE King Khan!!

Well, his acting talents, his ssssssssstttaaaaammmmerrrring dialogue delivery, his over-acting, his style, his charisma, his clean image, his quizzing skills,  and his personal life apart, just on the scale of sheer wits, SRK scores a triple A+!

Take for instance the latest episode of KBC!! Most of you must have watched in shock as this last contestant of that episode, sitting pretty on 12.5 lakhs, told Shahrukh to his face that she was quitting the show, but she didn’t want to hug him!!”Mujhe aapko gale lagane ka koi shauk nahi hai“, were her precise words. For those who don’t know, in this new version of KBC, contestants who do not want to risk the next question can quit by saying “Shahrukh, mujhe gale laga lo!”

For that one moment, everyone, including SRK himself, was stunned! I was half-listening, so what I initially thought was she was being brave and refusing to quit the show, so she told Shahrukh that she doesn’t want to hug him, she’d rather go on with the game!! I mean that still showed competitive spirit!! But alas, this woman was actually insulting him, beyond doubt!

Of course, after the initial shock , SRK recovered quickly, and went through the routine of telling the contestant how they made a correct decision by not forfeiting the money they’ve already earned, and congratulating them, and thanking them, and so on… After all the routines took place, when the time came to hand over the cheque, SRK said to Madame contestant, “I hope ki aap mind nahin karengi agar main ye cheque aapki bajay aapki mummyji ko dun…kyunki unko mujhe gale lagane me koi aitraaz nahi hoga!!!” :-))))

And then he walked confidently towards the contestant’s Mom, who had accompanied her to the show, and gave her a biggggg hug, along with the big cheque!! And from the expressions on her face, no one would a get a prize for guessing that she was more than happy to do so!! And do I need to tell you what the expression on the contestant’s face was??

In one moment the  great ‘Mr. Khan’ (That’s what she “professionally” kept calling him during the entire episode!!) turned the tables on Madame-I’m-superior-than-SRK, and boy!! Didn’t that get the audience up and roaring with applause!!! Needless to say, my roomie and I also joined in the celebration of SRK’s wits!!

5 thoughts on “SRK is most definitely THE King Khan!!

  1. Ohhh my goodness!! I would have never guessed that YOU would be a fan of King Khan! Is it just this incidence or in general?! How? Why? When did it happen?


    1. hahaha dude! read the date on the post…2007! are you saying you didn’t do silly stuff back then? I do silly stuff even now at times! 😛 😀 😀 But in all seriousness, as far as Bollywood “heroes” go, I think he is very talented compared to most others. But he is also someone who has wasted all of his talent doing stupid films, so it’s even more infuriating! However, like I have clearly mentioned in the post, I used to be a big fan of his personality. I admire witty people in general!
      If you notice, I said “used to be”. That’s because wit and charm can only take you so far when you continue being an opportunistic idiot. 😀

      BTW how come you landed on this particular post?


      1. 100% with you on doing stupid films..talent I am not so sure about. 😛
        A lot of my friends did admire him for his personality but somehow I could never get attached. I have always been curious about how he could gain so much market traction though.

        “used to be” is a consolation but I would still love to tease you on this one. “Koi baat nahi Senorita, bade bade deshon mein, aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai”. Btw, I could also never figure out why people loved DDLJ. Seemed like a case of forbidden fruit to me.

        I was seeking “wit and humor” when I landed on this. A big LAUGH I did get, albeit at your expense. 😀 😀


      2. Hahah i don’t understand why people think that I absolutely can’t like anything pedestrian. 😃 As for market traction, i don’t understand how any of those actors got it – be it Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, Suneel Shetty, or any of their contemporaries. Also I hated DDLJ, and i hated all of SRK’s Kjo yash chopra kinda movies. That is to say, most of his movies 😂

        Also, I would be happy to point out some other posts which would be more worth your time. 😀 let me know if you want me to. 🙂


  2. Aye aye captain! I give in..everyone is allowed guilty pleasures. 🙂
    Sure, I have skimmed through a lot of stuff but it would be good to get your recommendations too.


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