No… There are surely rays of hope!

{Author’s Notes: Updated on October 28, 2015}

As I wrote in my earlier post, something else soon happened, which made me feel good about life, about others, and about myself.
One day I had to walk over the same bridge I mentioned, while going to work. As I passed over it, the snapshots of the other day’s incident kept flashing in my mind, and I was really feeling low. As I crossed the bridge, I saw a family of laborers walking a few meters ahead of me. There was a man carrying a lot of heavy stuff in his hands and on his back. Walking alongside him were two women, also carrying quite a few heavy things on them.

And there was a small girl, dirty and barefoot, but cute, nevertheless, as all kids are! She was lagging behind for some time, and then started pleading with her father to pick her up. As the man was already overloaded, he kept walking ahead, and the girl kept crying and running after him. I was about to sink deeper in my depressed state, when one of the women, may be the mother, turned back laughing with an endeared look. She took from her husband the things that were in his right hand, and told him to carry the girl. The girl’s joys knew no bounds; and I mean it – the happy chuckle that she let out as she was carried by her father was really music to my ears!
It had that power to instantly haul me out of my negative thoughts. The man picked up the girl, and the small group went ahead. I did not look at them afterwards; I was only looking within, wondering how such small and day-to-day happenings can create such huge and long-lasting impact on my life…

4 thoughts on “No… There are surely rays of hope!

  1. Again a heartening, but this time pleasingly heartening, sketch. Perhaps, I too might have witnessed such things in my life of half a century. I too might have felt pleased in some similar occassion. Yet, I can’t recall any such so vividly.

    It, the aove down pour, if further expanded and reorganised as needed, becomes an interesting children’s story to amuse the children and child lovers. After all, a need that became a strong desire of a child, is fulfilled. It pleases every child.

    As a matter of fact, every joy of childhood is a need. The flower blossoms as every joy is pleasantly answered. As is the harshness and cruelity in answering the joy so is the crushing effects on the blossoming.

    It is entirely the adult world that facilitates or suffocates the blossoming. Tender is the child greater is the dependence. Weaker are the parents and weker is the enclosing community weaker are the protection and support for the blossom of the child.

    Let us hope that the number of adults craving to make their own child smart to leave the rest of the children in estrangement, rolls back to become insignificant. Let us hope that it dawns on everyone that it is not enough to love one’s own child but to love the childhood as such.

    More later and elsewhere.


  2. Amruta, I really appreciate the way you write. Looking forward to reading your blogs. I wish I could write like you. I liked this one better than the last one. It is surely a ray of hope in all that sadness. Much ❤


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