Wise and otherwise!

I just started reading the book ‘Wise and Otherwise’ by one of my favourite authors, Sudha Moorthy, and although I have just been able to feast on 3 of the stories, I have almost fallen in love with the book! Ms. Moorthy’s stories are always simply written and yet heart-wrenching; and this book adds further to her glory. Do catch a glimpse if u can; I’m sure you won’t feel like putting it down until you devour it fully! 🙂

P.S. I plan to finish reading it in a coupla days. Shall keep you updated about the rest of it.

9 thoughts on “Wise and otherwise!

  1. just on lighter note just take the pain to telll us/write on story 🙂 i very well expect a strong reply from you for this


  2. It’s an amazing book.. And the best is to listen her narrating these stories.. We were left spell bound. At the launch of the Marathi translation of the book, she just made us literally feel, “Wise and Otherwise..”


  3. On a slightly unrelated note .. just finished reading “Dollar Bahu” by Sudha Murthy .. needless to say … another excellent book – seeminlgy simple.. but with an extremely relevant message. Expect my review of the book soon.


  4. I agree with u Kiran. I’ve read the book and found it very good too; and so relevant to today’s situation. Nevertheless, waiting to read your review! 🙂
    btw, looks like u’ve got a new blog link…


  5. Well.. not really a new blog link.. the link you see here is a “career guidance” website for students launched by my friends and self.

    And the review of Wise and Otherwise which you read was on blogsarovar – a group blog by my friends and me 🙂


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