Angry? Don’t count till 10, count the prime numbers!!!

An age-old practise says, that when you are angry, do not react immediately, wait and count till 10….. as counting till 10 gives you the best thing to prevent anger….time! Once you overcome that one moment of anger without reaction, you realise that the situation did not really need any reaction.
Hmmm, quite a true saying,but does it really work? For one, its too old to keep implementing time and again. Two, its too short, takes approx. 5 seconds to complete, which is too short a time period for certain people(sometimes like me..hehe). Three, its boring, and all the more so if you increase it to 100 for getting more time. I in fact even tend to brush through these numbers so fast, that they are barely comprehensible.. Now, it’s not that I need to revise my numbers and so have to say them slowly, but then just the real purpose of counting vanishes!!!

Kavya Vishwanathan, the creator of Opal Mehta (the nerdish heroine of  the much-talked about book “How Opal Mehta got kissed, got wild, and got a life..”) gave me another alternative to this, and a nice one, too! When Opal Mehta got nervous or anxious in the book, she made her rant prime numbers, until she calmed down again…. Too nerdy you think?? Naah…. I gave it a try, and it really works.
One not so fine day( 🙂 ) , I was really irritated and wanted to burst out on somebody. Luckily, there was no one around, so I had to look out for some other way. I saw the copy of this book in front of me, and remembered Opal’s technique. “Why not give it a try”, I thought. So i went, 1, “No..No..Wat nonsense, 1 is not a prime number!!”, I laughed. The first ounce of anger dissolved. Then, 2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29,31, ………………………. 37, 41, 43, …………………………………..53, 59……………………………………………….., I went on scratching my brain. Just in a minute or so, I forgot why I was trying to recollect prime numbers, and got immersed into the task of rcollecting them.
The mercury levels of my hot hot brain dropped to normal, and I realised I was really enjoying this task of recollecting prime numbers. It was like a challenge to me, I wanted to see how much I can stretch myself….Yeah you do get bored after some while, but your purpose is very much served!! The flip-flop of your mind gets reset, and ready to dive into some other more important thoughts!!(Other than the reason you got angry for, not just other than prime numbers…heeheehee.. 😀 )

Looking at this whole situation, don’t you think that the depth our feelings is just a measure of how much importance we assign to it? Or how much of other important stuff is happening in our lives??

7 thoughts on “Angry? Don’t count till 10, count the prime numbers!!!

  1. Baaaaaaaapre,

    Please change the template immediately. Verrrrrry much uncomfortable. Doesn’t suit the pleasant content you keep creating in this repository.


  2. hmm.. really interesting thought. Now that I think of it.. its true.. nthing like a cool number-game to bring down your anger. Carrying forward the trend; why not try something more.. say, try recollecting the Fibonacci series when you are angry 😀 ?? (hope that doesnt sound too nerdy 😉


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