It pains me!!!!!

It pains me to hear about the 33 people killed in Virginia varsity by a sadist gun-man…

It pains me to hear about the teenage girl, dying with cancer, who was allegedly raped at the Tata Memorial Hospital, and is now 5 months pregnant……

It pains me to hear our politicians blabbering about who seperated Pakistan several years back, when there are so many burning issues present currently and in need of proper attention…….

It pains me to see Shilpa Shetty and Richard Gere bufooning on the stage in an AIDS awareness program, and it pains me all the more to see all the media hype created about the act!!!

Ahhh…it pains me!!!

4 thoughts on “It pains me!!!!!

  1. It pains me more to see the way all these are covered by the media. instant consumption – with no sensitivity and analysis. it is almost as though human tragedy is a FMCG that is commodified and traded.
    yesterday’s news shows featuring the virginia tech shoot out was hillarious in its stupidity and insensitivity.


  2. Very true Harini! In trying to be competitive, our media has forgotten its compassion!
    Anyways, thanks a lot for commenting on my blog… please keep sending in your comments..Its great to get feedback from someone like you!


  3. Yes! Certainly !!!! Incidents are paining and, more so are the trends.

    In the said gory incident, my friend’s niece lost her life and all those dreams due to that weapon and the bullets.

    I share, in this connection, what I shared with my friend.

    Where the things are heading and who is secure????

    Loosing lives unexpectedly itself is an unbearable trauma. But, when the
    cause of death itself does not fit into any logic, its a melancholy.

    If the uncertainities to life due to hi-fi civilisations are bringing a
    situation where the community is estranged by its own member who becomes an unruly and uncontrolled vehicle like in a road accident, what guarantees could we promise to the next generations?

    Maitho bahuth upset hoooon……… Aur I am, more than that, very much ashamed also for being a spectator before such ‘developments’ and for being even mentally handicapped to suggest some concrete measure to curb such things………

    I only cry, silently, to join those who are crying, dear Dinesh.. And, the
    news that one of the victims is a close one haunts the soul……

    I heartfully share the grief in which you are and I hope that you muster
    the strength to push your sorrow to the bottom of the heart so that you can console the broken heart – akka, the mother, the berieved soul.

    With deep condolences to that pyaaaaareeeeeee child HANSA (Her name, you see in the news as MINAL PANCHAL. Her mother’s name is HANSA PANCHAL and felt it as the “child HANSA”.)

    Shayad Is khoon bhari, saithaaniyath bhari duniya mein rahanaaa woh sah
    nahin paaaayeeee, aur woh apneee prashaaaaaaaaant, serene, MAANAS SAROVAR mein aaaaraaam se jeeeene chalegayi…..

    Per Bete Hansaaaa!! Itnaaabhi ghamand ki jaroorath nahin ki sirf thumharaaa MAANAS SAROVAR hi prashaaanth aur serene hai……..

    Dekho, hum is duniya ko bhi utnaaahi prashaaanth aur serene banayenge
    jahaaaaaaan koyi hathyar ki chaaaaya bhi naho…..

    Agar…. Agar….. Humse yah ho nahi paaayeee, humbhi tere paas, tere MANAS SAROVAR mein hi aaayenge bete…..

    ………..per zera sar zhukathe, zhukathe……. sharmaaakar aaaayenge…..

    Let thine soul rest in peace…………SAMPATH


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