Another color to Rang de Basanti….

With all due respect to the movie (Mind you, I simply loved it!!) ,would the brave fivesome of Aamir, Siddharth, Kunal, Sharman, and Soha react in the same way if a pilot they did not personally know got killed and blamed for his own death due to a MIG accident, as they did when their very good friend(R Madhavan) met that fate?

4 thoughts on “Another color to Rang de Basanti….

  1. No. I think people need real strong motivation to do nething like that…
    We hear about so many things everyday… how many things can we take action on.. it is normal human tendency to take important action when it affects oneself the most..


  2. “if a pilot they did not personally know got killed and blemished due to a MIG accident” there would be another team of “brave fivesome” or even “tensome” known to that unknown to this – the former i.e., the movie fivesome. Their reaction, at first, is not to the injustice but to the loss of a friend and then on the injustice and the film does not indicate any preexisting passion or transformation in this fivesome as crusaders of injustice.

    Before their friend died, the young group was just crazy, merry making, thinking just about the self satisfaction and less concerned about any lives in an absolutely contrast to theirs. I do not have any interest in accusing this group of this or that. I am only stating the fact as I saw in the film. Am I right?

    On this occassion, only one worry wakes up that why should it need a social status in hailing the struggle against injustice. Aren’t there so many youngsters who raise their voice and action against injustices if not in general to their friends and even to their self who are not on any flight either as pilots or air-passengers but who are peddling a bycycle, or rushing on foot towards or from workplace.

    Perhaps the accidents too need to be rich to attract public attention. I am a bit sceptic about the word public attention. I think it is wrong. It should be media attention.

    Anyways, thanks for giving me an opportunity move, think and to keep my heart unfrozen.

    Earlier comment is simple. It seems I am complicating. I don’t know.


  3. Thanks a lot Mr. Thulasi for your comment, and welcome back to the ring! Seems like you were away for quite some time now.
    Yeah, what you say is definitely right, and you are not complicating things. Your comments definitely add value to the topic.


  4. Thank u dear Amruta for your acknowledgements and encouragement. You are wrong in saying that “you were away”. I am following your blog. Due to very heavy schedule and outstation movements the peroidicity was a bit extended and it, however, remained 2-3 days.

    I recall you to my first promise in one of my comment on “My first (official) experience at social service…”. It was my heartful and sincere reaction that “………I would be a regular visitor of your blog as a sincere disciple because………”. I had many hopes from your team when I said “I would be even more “gratitudious” if I am given an opportunity to steal the efforts of your team members – your fellow “miners”, if any.

    I am eager to find few more of your team contributing.

    Then, I know that you had a reason to assume that I was away. The fact is that I am not that versatile to participate in all the matters that you keep posting on your blog. Of course, I love all genuine passions so long as they are socially harmless. I do not believe anymore that every passion should be compulsorily socially contributing. It took me few years to relinquish that belief that always harassed the budding younger ones.

    I am a novice in many of the subjects you carry in. I love all of them. I am a mere consumer of many such who can not add any value.

    I am in touch.


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