My answers to a questionnaire circulated in TCS on Women’s day…I won the 2nd prize!

1) I am proud to be a woman because: It’s only a woman who can both rock the cradle and rule the world.

2) If there was one thing that I could change in today’s world, it would be : discrimination against any caste, creed, religion, community, gender, etc., because once we rise above such divisions, and start thinking about humanity in general, it’ll be much easier for us to change everything that should be changed.

3) Define Beauty: Beauty is a feeling of well-being, not just from outside, but more importantly from within. Beauty is more about “Conscience” than about “Complexion”.

4) If I could exchange my beauty for something else, that would be: respect for women, because once women start feeling respected by others, and more importantly, from within, I believe they can achieve whatever they want to achieve.

5) Today’s Indian woman is: very much capable of reaching the skies, however, for several reasons, is still trying to find her feet on the ground.

19 thoughts on “My answers to a questionnaire circulated in TCS on Women’s day…I won the 2nd prize!

  1. Your views are great. But, in 2 u listed more than one revealing the complexity or plurality of things requiring change. However, no frights. We, the members of the community, shall accomplish it together. Identification of the problem is of course, the first but the prime most step towards a solution.


  2. Thanks a lot for ur comments Mr. Sampath!! i was quite surprised to see a comment on my blog almost immediately after i posted it!
    Yes, the problems are complex, and manifold; the ones i listed are just some examples…but as u say, we must be optimistic, and try to do our little bit whenever we can!! Someday, our efforts, if not we ourselves, will surely succeed!


  3. Hehehe!! I don’t exactly remember the answers of the girl who won the competition; but I can say that she being a mother, the perspectives she presented were completely different, and more complete with respect to defining a woman.

    As far as my sun sign goes, No I’m not a virgo… but why did you think so?? I would definitely like to know….. 🙂


  4. Two of my good friends who blog are Virgo’s. Your style of writing is very similar to them and also u have that eye for the detail too. One of them of course is Arti to whom i refered ur site.

    Anyways i was wrong about your sign. Let me try again. Gemini is it?

    Cheers! Take care. Btw where were u last few days. u took some time to get back 🙂


  5. Hey Nitin…tch tch…. u r wrong again!!! I am not a Geminian, too!! C’mon, take another guess…may be u r third-time lucky…. 🙂

    Yeah, I sometimes take up quite a bit of time to get back, because of my professional and personal commitments that are unavoidable. As u must have noticed, I am not a very regular blogger too…. I just take up blogging as a hobby for which I have to squeeze time from my routine work now and then…..

    I wish that at some point of time,I can devote a reasonable amount of time everyday to this activity of writing, which I love doing so much!! 🙂


  6. Let us see.

    You r compassionate, warm, can articulate, also quite aggressive, prompt, have a sense of humour. Above all u seem to be balanced and juggle lot of things.


    If not then as a consolation prize – Piscean

    And please do not ask me to take any more guesses. For a change maybe u can if u wish to regarding my sign

    Take care



  7. NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! 😀

    Well Nitin, It’s not ur fault!! It is indeed VERY difficult for anybody to figure me out…. guessing my sunsign is just a part of that!!

    I’m sure that if I tell u my sunsign, u wudn’t believe it!! Try for the 7th consolation prize!! hehehe!!!

    As far as guessing ur sunsign goes, no dude…m not at all into this sunsign guessing game….. I like to assess ppl on their behavioral attributes, not geographical, educational, or astrological ones! 🙂

    Strange na? But that’s just the way I am!! 🙂


  8. Hey I am not into assessing here or figuring out u. Just my hobby and was going good till I have come across you.

    Secondly i may be wrong here but me thinks that this sun sign stuff, at least the Linda Goodman school of thought says it, is about behavorial attributes. Anyways let us leave it for another day.

    So thank you for the 5th try and looking at Aries Aquarius, Taurus, Saggi, Capri, Leo, Scorpio and Cancer.

    I will root for Capricorn


  9. Tough luck again!!! 😀

    I told u na, this time try quoting a sunsign u never thought would be mine…who knows, may b u hit the bull’s eye!! 🙂

    btw…I have added a link for subscribing to my blog via email…so whenever I write something new, u will be intimated thru email…..


  10. Now that I am in poona today if i hv got the sign wrong then there is a good chance that I might get it.

    The weather is a bit dull. Me going with cuzs a little outside the city to my sis’s house.

    Fun food and relatives is the order of the day

    Take care


  11. Baap re! ata tar mala hi khatri patali aahe ki shevatche consolation prize milnar. tari pan ha ajun ek try:

    Saggi and it is your birthday today. 🙂


  12. Hehehe!!!
    I really admire your never-say-die attitude!! tujhya jaagi mi aste tar aattaparyant naad sodun dila asta…..seriously!! 😀

    Looks like I’ve left a big dent in your reputation of guessing sunsigns correctly.. Sorry dude, but I can’t really help it, can I? 😀

    Anyways, just 3 more chances left…. want me to spill the beans, or the never-say-die spirit still rules? 🙂


  13. Btw Nitin, correct me if I am wrong, but this thread of our conversation has got nothing to do with the post on which it is commented….
    So, do you mind continuing this thread on the “About me?” page instead? U’ll find it on my homepage…next to Home…(As if you wudnt be able to find it, how dumb of me!! lolllzzz)


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