Some questions about horoscopes….

One day, aise hi, a thought crossed my mind..Someone around was discussing horoscopes according to the Hindu calendar. According to the Hindu horoscope, a person’s zodiac sign depends on the janmatithi (birthdate according to the Hindu Calendar), and the positions of the stars in the sky at the time of birth. Could someone please tell me, that if an expecting woman, travels like 100-200 miles, just before her delivery, and the position of the stars at her destination is different, will the future of her child change? In a matter of 5-6 hours?????

And in case of the English horoscope, the birthdate decides the zodiac sign of a person. So, can being born just a few hours before or after the deadline of 21st of every month (On 21st, the zodiac sign you are born into changes, it seems), change your characteristics and behavioral traits??

And if a few hours here and there change the behavior or future of a person yet to be born, can’t years and years on the earth  immensely change these of a living person too? What would you call this phenomenon then???