Let’s Talk!

 Blogging is about expressing your views, about anything and everything: and not just initiated by the blogger, but by readers, as well…..

So here’s a space where you can talk to me about topics which are not related to any of the posts on my blog…. or are somehow related, but not as comments on those posts….. Topics you would want me to write about, Topics about which you would want to know my views……anything of that sort….

Now, what are you waiting for? Bring on your talks….Start commenting! 🙂

40 thoughts on “Let’s Talk!

  1. Hi Amruta,


    Like they say, `There is always a first time’ Well here is the inaugration from me.

    Somewhere we all strike a chord and talk. Somewhere we all are connected. This is possible only with humans as that is what separates us from the animals. The ability to talk to each other and communicate with each other.

    But then there is also the question? Why does one miscommunicate, why does one misunderstand. Is that the failing we are cursed to have with this boon to talk?

    I am not worried about that. I am not going to think about that. I am just going to talk about that.

    Hey Amruta, thanks for this.

    Hope your blog reaches out to many and connects you to good people all over the world.

    Take care and All the best.


  2. Congrats!!! Hope my greetings find you in best of your health.

    There is abundance of topics to talk, to write about, you just need time out from the busy schedules.
    Well, these days if I observe myself I clearly see one thing lagging and that’s Focus. Just don’t feel motivated enough after you have given your best shot that was possible at this point in time; after you have slogged out and still success doesn’t come your way.

    Then where to look for that courage, that inspiration that will allow you to walk that extra mile, to attain glory?


  3. Hey Rohan!! Thans for your comment! 🙂

    Well, You know something, “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak.Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

    The courage is within you dude; and its not just that which is needed to walk the extra mile; it is also that which helps you keep your calm in that 1 less mile.

    We already have the courage in us; we just have to believe that we do!! What say?


  4. Today was very disturbing. To think that violence now has reached our schools. The case of two 14 year old boys killing(cannot believe i am using this word now for such young children) their classmate due to his bullying.

    Parents now need to tune into their child much earlier and can no longer turn a deaf year to the most silly complaints.

    Had the parents of listened to their boys complaining of this bully and his threats may be the tragedy would have been avoided.

    It is time to counsel parents more than the children if we need to have better communication channels. The onus is on them fairly and squarely.


  5. Hey,

    Nice concept. You want subjects… here I go.

    I know this (and it is a fact) that you are very much interested in music and you even sing very well. (There there, I have heard those recordings of yours).

    So, I think we all could benefit from your boastings ( 😉 ) about your favorite music and singers and stuff.

    Just an idea….



  6. Thanks! Yeah definitely you need to keep your calm and be patient for things to fall in place. The one who does is the Star. And thats what differentiates extra-ordinary from ordinary.

    Yeah, it just differs a bit from yours but agree with your views too. If i look from a different glass i’ll say you do require courage to embark on a journey whose end you dont know (most of journeys fall in this).


  7. hey nitin! 🙂

    Long time hmm…looks like u’ve been busy as well!! Anyways, nice to see u back! 🙂

    yeah will go throught the blog.

    as far as being busy goes, well well!! haven’t had the time to sit n relax for more than 10 mins…. haven’t even posted anything on the blog for long!! I think that says it all! 😀 but hopefully things should relax a bit now… lets see! 🙂


  8. It happens that way many times. I hope that we can in this life of ours stay in touch. Blogs like yours are excellent for that. I am away for company kick off meeting in Bangalore. Chilling out today, yoga, swimming, billiards and now writing to you 🙂 It is fun. You must take breaks in between. Do take care


  9. Hey gal.. wats up?
    howz denmark..heard u working a lot there.. dont give in so much.. u may be surprised to be promoted to the desination of CEO.. look how much burden i have, being a CEO.. 😉
    tee hee hee..
    if u are confused… let me tell u … basically i am fed up!!!


  10. Hi I wrote a response to your Insanity quote yesterday, i saw it listed and now it does not figure anywhere.

    That is almost insane 🙂


  11. HI Nitin,

    Hehe…well, I had not logged on to my blog for 2 days, and hence did not get a chance to approve your comment until today..may be that’s why the site behaved the way it did!! lol


  12. Hi
    Hows u been? U need to write more….how was denmark overall…hectic? Cud u go around and soak in the culture visiting diff places?


  13. Hey, checked your blog after long.. Was kinda going through my own email archives and found the link to your blog.. And based on my personal assumption, that you will not mind, have added you to my bloglist on my blogpage.. If any objections, let me know.. :)..

    Keep smiling and keep posting..




  14. Hey Darshan,

    As they say in Hindi, Neki aur poochh poochh!!!
    Thanks for adding me to your blog-list. Btw..I didn’t know that you have a blog…i’ll definitely visit it soon. 🙂


  15. Hey Amruta .. how helpful has this been? have you posted anything on public demand as yet? I’m contemplating something similar for my own blog ..

    Amruta: Well, not much; as you can observe from the comments on this post….


  16. I had been following your blog for quite a long time & I am impressed by it. You post some really good articles & I just love your writing style. 🙂

    I am adding you to my blogroll. 🙂

    Keep Smiling, Rock On.

    Amruta: Thanks a lot Gaurav. :-). I tried going through your blog, but unsuccessfully…. 😛


  17. i thot u have only forgotten me.. but seems like u have forgotten wordpress too.. since feb.. hmm… interesting!


  18. Hey Amruta,

    Its after a looong loong time I am visiting your blog. I was kinda out of internet world. Its nice to see that you have come a far way from your first few blogs on Ekalavya Nyasa.
    The success of the students in board exams adds to its charm. Truly appreciate what you have done for those kids.


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