A tribute to the most used product of the decade!!

Guys, wondering what that is?? Yes, it indeed is: Maggi Noodles!!!!!

 Surprised?? Well, enter s/w pros, staying away from home in rented apartments/PG accos. What comes into your mind first when you think of getting a quick bite??

Ofcourse, maggi noodles!!!

What do you think of cooking after a tiring day at office, and your return to home at 10 pm?

Ofcourse, maggi noodles!!!

And yeah, esp. for the guys, what is the cuisine you are best at preparing? 😉

Ofcourse, it is maggi noodles!!!

Mannnn!! What would we do without maggi noodles!!!! 😀

25 thoughts on “A tribute to the most used product of the decade!!

  1. hey another thing.. just a point over here. once maggie had come up with an advertisement. i guess it was some anniversairy celebration of maggie noodles.. the campaign said: “For all this years we have been asking only 2 minutes of your time” 😛
    isn’t that intelligent.. !! Maggie Noodles rock!!! 🙂


  2. “And yeah, esp. for the guys, what is the cuisine you are best at preparing? ”

    Haha. I didnt even know that girls would honour our culinary skills with “cuisine”!. 🙂


  3. oh yeah of course! no offences meant, the word ‘cuisine’ has such limited implications in the guys’ world; that Maggi noodles definitely pictures in it! 🙂
    kiddng, ofcourse i’ve seen guys who r great cooks; but they r just a minority, as yet! In future, u never know!!! 🙂


  4. Heheh…Aditya, u’ll hafta live all by yoursef to experience the truth is this. Imagine, a new city, u and ur friends, ur flat, and a tiring day at work….when u come home, what will u prepare?? Maggi!! Let’s get back to this when u experiece this i guess. 🙂


  5. So that means u dint know? .. Man .. I feel very strongly against this kind of plagiarism.

    U know.. maybe it wouldn’t have been such a “big deal” if she had simply given credit to you – like “Originally Posted at”.. followed by a link.. as simple as that.

    Tch. Tch.


  6. WTH? Comment no 9. Aditya, u’ll hafta leave all by your… I think you mean, I will have to ‘live’ all by myself? Leave? /me is confused….


  7. Maggi noodles have been and continue to be a life saver for every hostelite but of course not the 2 min versions. One cant eat that!! When it was launched in India my Didi had got free samples in school and Parents were like yuck whats this chow chow look-alike. Maa cooked it once just as described in the packet and promptly distributed in neighbourhood. Maggi has come a long way.


  8. Yes , true , very true Reema , a life saver in true sense of its term. I live in a hostel . Hostel mess – really serves out of world food !!! Hence , got a heater on my room . Realised the power of Maggi , the best thing to eat with nothing much to do and satisfy your hunger in minutes !!


  9. I couldnt agree with you more man. its been 25 years and Maggi is still a favorite in India. Noodles for us means Maggi and there are so many of us for whom maggi has been a life saver, growing up in a hostel this was THE food when the mess food was bad..and whats not surprising is that there are so many people on their site, http://www.meandmeri.in who agree, almost 90% of the stories people have shared speak loud and clear about that fact that Maggi is now an important part of every food culture in India..it toally rocks!!


  10. i just love Maggi noodles.. it rocks!!.. i was going through the Maggi fansite, http://www.meandmeri.in, and found soo many ways to cook Maggi.. i never knew Maggi could be made in any other way.. Maggi truly is my life-saver!!


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