Movie review: Sunday

Occasion: Me n my friend roaming around, find nothing better to do!

Place: Inox, Pune

Time: 7:45 p.m

Price: 170 bucks

Movie: Sunday

Star Cast: Ajay Devgan, Ayesha Takia, Irrfan Khan, Arshad Warsee

Theme: A simple fun-loving girl goes to a pub one Saturday-night, someone mixes Rohypnol in her drink, the girl undergoes a series of (mis)adventures, and falls off to sleep, only to wake up on Monday!! How can a Sunday goes missing from your life? The girl has no idea!

Story: Ajay Devgan, ACP-cum-prospective bridegroom for Ayesha, takes it up on himself, to find the lost Sunday. Through lots of suspense and comedy, and with the help of Irfan and Arshad, does it!! And gets the gal, too!!

Performances: Ajay Devgan scores average to good, Ayesha Takia has looked very sweet, but Arshad and Irrfan take the trophy!

The technical side: Dialogues- crisp!!Music- average! Rest all- Not bad!!

 My prediction about your reaction: So, what’s so great???

My answer: Nothing!! The movie’s not a must-watch, but is fairly entertaining for sure!! You won’t repent for going ahead and watching it! Clean comedy- for a change!

My rating: Yellow- going- on to-green!

5 thoughts on “Movie review: Sunday

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  2. I guess she travelled from US to the opposite direction of the rotation of earth…hence the loss in one day 😉
    thanks.. i know a bad one.. but thanks in advance for the negative ratings 😉


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