The importance of other people…..

Was consoling a friend who was very depressed, and was giving him some tidbits of advice… Very spontaneously, I said something to him that amazed not only him, but me also….

While telling him to do this and that, I happened to say that “I know this is very easy for me to say, ‘coz it’s not happening to me; but then why would we need other people in our lives if we could deal with everything??”  He looked up, and I looked up too… I had just created and quoted a valuable one-liner, out of the blue…. He smiled, the quote was a good break from the sermon i was giving him, and was sure worth a thought….and plus, it was a pleasant break from his depressed line of thinking, too!!

Seriously guys, man is a social animal, especially because he needs someone apart from himself, to show him the different perspectives of the multidimensional world. Any takes on this?

5 thoughts on “The importance of other people…..

  1. Hey Jassu!!!

    Thanks a lott babes!!! great to get some feedback rom somebody like you, who is a good reader!! I hope I can keep dishing out more and more readable matter in future! 🙂
    As far as what I am doing in TCS goes, well, I myself am trying to find that out! 😉 lollzz….

    Anyways, thanks once again dear!! And keep reading!! 🙂


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