Cheeni Kum!!

What happens when a 64 years old chef falls in love with a 34 year old practical thinking female, who has a hypocrit 58 year-old as a father?

What happens when the father of this girl, goes on a Satyagraha of sorts to prevent his daughter from getting married to a man older than him?

What happens when this older man, who has this “aham”, i.e. ego, who has this ponytail before he decides to meet his father-in-law, who has this cancer patient pre-teen acting like a fully grown up “adult”, and who has this age-old mom who watches “Sex and the City” and the muscular bodies of men on TV, delivers a lecture on what are not the reasons that his father-in-law would have to disallow his daughter’s marriage to him?

What happens when the 34 years old girl, when asked out for a comedy show, yells that she isn’t “available”, and then smiles coyly and asks what time??

What happens when the lead characters of the movie openly admit, that “Marriage is the price that a man has to pay for sex, and sex is the price that a woman has to pay for marriage”??

Well, when all this happens, we get Cheeni Kum!! and teekha kum, namak kam, taste kum…yes; khatta thoda zyada!!

On the individual performances front, Tabu, Amitabh Bachchan and Paresh Rawal are brilliant actors and it shows, but there’s nothing new about it. The young cancer patient friend of Amitabh, so irritatingly called ‘Sexy’, shows a lot of promise, but her character and dialogues rob away all her charm with their senseless and often obscene meanings. Tabu has looked fresh and charming, and so has Amitabh, but they together with the soulful and melodious compositions of A R Rahman, cannot do anything to make the movie watchable.

Rating: RED!! Please do not waste your precious time, money and energy, and above all, your patience on this movie!!

7 thoughts on “Cheeni Kum!!

  1. kum se kum koi to hai jo sahi review likh raha hai about this film.
    i agree with what you have written about the film but i still enjoyed the film, i dont know why, may be because i found it better than nishabd.
    one can watch it to laugh a bit for a while atleast. dont you think so?? after all what it shows is definitely a part of reality, reality which is kept under wraps out of our sights right under our nose though.


  2. Well, a couple of laughs, yes; it sure fetches that; but why risk going to a movie just for that?? You might as well sit and home and enjoy a book, a book of jokes, if laughing is a must!!


  3. Thanks dear Amruta for saving us and spending from your purse to save ours.

    Is there anything more than a piece of art about this film – I seriously urge my fellow social critics to probe.

    Cheeni kum ho na ho per dal to kaaala hai.

    This is my reaction just on the prima facie of the theme as I gather from the stray glances I had about this in the media and the heresay…

    Keep enlightening us…….


  4. hey Amruta

    not a comment for this post 🙂 🙂

    Just popped in and saw that you are an awesome blogger yourself… got even more surprised when i saw people like Kedar blogging too…

    Great to be back in touch – u seem to be off Orkut somehow – i am in Goa presently – joinin MDI on 25th and wud be properly online after dat…

    Hope u read the huge post after the TISS interview one – its more clearly based on da journey… 🙂 🙂

    keep in touch


  5. hey hii Ashish!! First of all, heartiest congratulations on gettin thru MDI!!
    Uh, yeah, m off Orkut, courtesy my employers, who think all an employee would need to surf is Google!!
    Well, I did read the ‘huge’ post, n must say that I could gather a few tips frm it too…
    hey why don’t u blog on other topics too? (apart frm ur CAT n similar experiences, that is)…


  6. Hii there..

    Just managed to reach your page while googling..
    Am sorry to say but I actually fall in love with this movie.
    Every Dialogue is so stupid but so witty and thats the reason both are attracted to each other..cos they both are so different.The characters are so real and they speak for themselves.
    This movie is certainly not some stereoypical hindi movie out there.Ususally over public like movies like Jab We Met
    which is again the same story repeated over the ages.
    check my review 🙂

    The comedy is very refreshing and i loved that small baby there..She was just fabulous.Its very rare to find such Indi movies with such a different taste of comedy and certainly passing a very good message to the world about love at a ripe age.


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