My favorite scenes and dialogues from movies

********************************************************************************  Though I hated the movie ‘Fanaa’, and thought its shero-shayari was very amateurish, I loved this one piece by Ghalib used by Rishi Kapoor in the movie. When Kajol asks her father not to drink in front of her mother’s photograph, he replies, “Sharaab peete baith masjid me ghalib, Sharaab peete baith masjid me Ghalib, Ya aisi jagah dikha jahan khuda na ho!!!” ******************************************************************************** Though I didn’t even watch the movie ‘Babul’ because I didn’t like its concept, I happened to hear a dialogue in the climax of the movie, while surfing TV channels. When confronted by his relatives on why he was breaking age-old traditions(huh!!) and allowing his daughter-in-law to re-marry, Amitabh Bachchan asks an earnest question, some what to the effect of… ” paramparaonko jatan karneka kya fayda, jab saalon se chalti aa rahi paramparayen to jeete rahe, par jinke liye wo banayi gayi hain wo insaan marte rahe!!!” ******************************************************************************** Now talking about comedy, one dialogue I distinctly remember is from the movie ‘The Mummy’. When the hero, Brendon Fraiser, is beating a villain to pulp and is about to throw him overboard, the villain begins pleading to him for mercy. When nothing works, he yells, “Just think about my children!!!”. To which Fraiser replies, “You don’t have any children”….”Some day I might!!!”, exclaims the villain. 😀 hehe…gr8 spontaneity!! ******************************************************************************** If you are looking for a movie with each dialogue, and each scene  brimming with meaning, you should watch “Thoda sa Roomani Ho jaye”. I most admire the poetic dialogue between Nana Patekar and Riju Bajaj, when the latter tearfully puts forward his concerns to the former: “Do ghaaton ke beech ek patli dhaara, kare to kya kare?? kare to kya kare??” sighs Riju. Exclaims Nana, “Do ghaaton ke beech ek patli dhaara, behti gayi, behti gayi, samandar se mil gayi, “ghaat ghaat reh gaye, dhaara samandar ban gayi!!!” ******************************************************************************** I won’t increase the length of this post by describing the scene, but the one in Lage raho Munnabhai, where an old pensioner finally gets his long-due pension really deserves applause! ********************************************************************************

Then of course, who can forget the spine-chilling scene from Rang De Basanti, where Amir Khan n co, pick up R Madhavan and give im a ride on their shoulders to mock his funeral march, with honor. Little did they know that they would soon have to watch this scene in reality, and would change their lives forever.


There are several tidbits in movies that really touch my heart and I want to write about them. But when I actually begin typing, I kind of draw a blank!! So that’s it for now….may be I’ll append more stuff when I eventually remember it..

5 thoughts on “My favorite scenes and dialogues from movies

  1. fanaa- agreed… superb dialogue
    babul – nice movie. watch it. concept bhi theek hai.
    rang de asanti- i swear. that is truely a spine-chilling scene


  2. We can not miss Pirates of Caribbean 1 here. There is not a single dialog which is filler. Jack sparrow and Barbosa satisfy your intellect truly.


  3. fannah movie is very good , there is so much favorite dialogues . i like it , and very good film like aamir khan ,
    i like so much ,



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